Sadhana’s famous ‘Sadhana Cut’ hairstyle was suggested by her husband, RK Nayyar

Sadhana's famous 'Sadhana Cut' hairstyle was suggested by her husband, RK Nayyar

Do you remember the famous Sadhana cut, which we all receive when we were young? Well, the haircut rose to fame after the late legendary actress, Sadhana Shivdasani popularly known as “Sadhana” who styled it. Although she is no longer with us, her famous Sadhana hairstyle lives on. The new generation might call it fringe or fringe style, but for our parents and us, it was the chic Sadhana cut that would instantly elevate their little girl’s look.

For those who don’t know, Sadhana was a famous actress in the 1960s and 1970s. She was loved for her jaw-dropping performances in movies like Ek Musafir, Ek Hasina, Asli Naqli and Simple Mehboob. However, it was her looks that made her the style icon. When long hair dominated the scenes, Sadhana was the first Indian actress to flaunt bangs. And, oh boy, there was no turning back!

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Sadhana instantly ruled everyone’s hearts with her debut movie, Love in Simla in 1960. However, it was her look that became a hit, but few people know that it was suggested by her husband, RK Nayyar, who was the director of the film. During an interview with the Hindustan Times, RK Nayyar, who first met Sadhana while filming the movie, said she was the perfect choice for it.

However, RK Nayyar had only one problem, he wanted to hide his forehead, so he tried different wigs and hairstyles, and later he thought of trying Audrey Hepburn style bangs. But Sadhana was a bit skeptical. She was worried that an Indian woman might take off some bangs. RK Nayyar reportedly said:

“Sadhana made a perfect Jane but for her forehead. I wondered how to hide it. We experimented with different hairstyles and wigs, but nothing looked right. girl take bangs? Sadhana asked.

RK Nayyar further added that years later, on the sets of Simple Mehboob in a simple braid and center parting, her manager, HH Rwail asked her what happened to the Sadhana bangs. He revealed that people spend money to see Sadhana with her bangs.

Well, this is how the famous Sadhana fringe hairstyle became a hit in India even after so many years!

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