Robyn Dixon’s hairdresser mourns her sister after tragic car crash

Robyn Dixon revealed on The Real Housewives of Potomac that her hairstylist Shirley Gordon mourned the loss of her sister and brother-in-law, after Charlie and Kyle Savage died in a tragic car crash in May 2022.

During the December 11 episode of RHOP, Season 7 Episode 10, a tearful Robyn opened up about the loss of her close friend. Shirley has been the woman behind the reality TV star’s hairstyles for years on the show.

Fans are now asking about Shirley’s hairstylist and sending her their best wishes. It comes after Kyle Savage and his wife Charlene died after a Range Rover crashed into a pole in May earlier this year.

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Meet Robyn Dixon’s hairstylist

Robyn’s longtime hairstylist is Shirley Gordon, who has been the woman behind the RHOP star’s barnet since 2009 and beyond. She’s a famous hairstylist from Wheaton, Maryland, owner of Strand Studios.

She is a top stylist for hair brand Wella, with decades of training and experience under her belt. Shirley is so appreciated for her work that she became the Editorial Stylist of the Year at the 2022 North American Hairstyling Awards.

Shirley, one of 12 children, traveled to New York to shoot a Bang Style collection with photographer Roberto Ligresti. After being nominated 14 times at NAHA, she became the first black woman to win in 2008 and has four wins to date.

Kyle and Charlene Savage

Charlene was one of Shirley’s seven sisters. Charlene died when she and Kyle’s Range Rover crashed into a pole on Annapolis Road, a few miles from their home, police said. A family friend raised over $100,000 to help their sons.

Their son Kyle Savage Jr., 17, graduated from DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville and is expected to attend college in Virginia. His brother Knico Savage, 14, will be a freshman at Olney in 2023.

Kyle came from a large family like Charlene, and the two had been married for 17 years. “Their love was, he was so strong and so connected and so perfect for each other. I mean, they blended in beautifully,” his sister Linda Hunter told NBC.

Shirley Gordon mourns the loss of her sister

Shirley is mourning the loss of her sister Charlene Savage and brother-in-law Kyle after a tragic accident in May 2022. The married couple, who left two sons, died in a car accident in Bowie, Maryland, reports NBC Washington.

She often shares photos of the couple on her Instagram and reveals that she “cries every day”. On June 2, the month after the accident, Shirley wished Charlene a “happy heavenly birthday” and wrote:

When you arrived that Friday morning, I never would have guessed that was the last time I would hear you say SGeeeee in that Charlie Voice. My twin forever.

Shortly after her sister’s death, Charlene said she was “lost”. Then in July, Shirley shared on Instagram that she missed Kyle and Charlene and said she was still “heartbroken.”



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