Red Velvet Wendy’s New Haircut Sends ReVeluvs Into Whiplash: “She’s The Queen Card”

On December 18, Red Velvet Wendy posted a photo that captured the hearts of ReVeluvs. The photo was posted on Instagram, prompting fans to flock to the post and express their admiration for Wendy’s new style.

Here’s what the “Like Water” singer posted on her Instagram.

Wendy Red Velvet

(Photo: Instagram: @today_iswendy)
Wendy Red Velvet

Red Velvet Wendy New Hair: Is it Better for the Singer?

Red Velvet Wendy welcomes Christmas and 2023 with her new ‘do’ by posting a photo of her new style on her Instagram, with the caption: “New Haircut. New Hair Color”

In her photo, the lead singer is dressed in a black turtleneck and a pearl necklace that showcases her brand new cropped hairstyle, which caught the eye of fans. Her photo was posted as a mirror selfie, showcasing her new bob.

Wendy Red Velvet

(Photo: Red Velvet Wendy Instagram)

Wendy Red Velvet

(Photo: Red Velvet Wendy Instagram)

In addition to her amazing abs, Wendy brings out fashion sense, whether in clothes or hairstyle. This is evident due to her pioneering “Wendy Cut” in 2019.

Meanwhile, Wendy cut her hair and went for a mid-length cut, which suits her perfectly! The look became popular in the fan community, to the point that it went viral and earned the style name “Wendy Cut”.

In her recent photo, her hair is much shorter, but it’s safe to say that Wendy can pull off any hairstyle. Do you agree?

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Wendy Red Velvet

(Photo: Kpop Starz)
Wendy Red Velvet

Red Velvet Wendy’s Hairstyle-Reveal Catches ReVeluvs’ Attention

After the new post, netizens expressed their thoughts on her new style, praising her “beauty” and actress vibe.

They even dubbed Wendy as the “Queen Card” of short hairstyles.

“That’s how pretty Wendy is.”

“Oh, it suits her. She kind of sets the mood for this actress.”

“The more she cuts her hair, the more beautiful she is.”

“She’s just super pretty.”

“Fuck beautiful and beautiful. Wendy is the best.”

“I thought it was another person, but I was like, ‘Damn, that person looks like Wendy.’ She’s BEAUTIFUL, I love it. She’s also very stylish. It’s amazing how looks can change just with the hairstyle!”

Wendy Red Velvet

(Photo: Red Velvet Wendy Instagram)

Wendy Red Velvet

(Photo: Red Velvet Wendy Instagram)

Others also praised her for being experimental with her haircuts.

“I think she looks best with long hair without bangs, but this cut looks really cute on her! I appreciate that she’s being explorer with her hair.”

Fans also gathered on Instagram to express their admiration for Wendy’s short hair.


“Wendy is going viral again for her hair and I love it.”

“Wendy’s short hair rocks the world!”

“You look so beautiful in that new hairstyle.

“She’s so pretty. I want to cut my hair like that all of a sudden.”

“Aw, why are you so handsome Seungwan.”

Do you like Wendy’s new hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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