Ray Liotta’s Fiancee Jacy Nittolo Pays Tribute to His 68th Birthday: ‘Today We Celebrate You’

Ray Liotta and Jacy Nittolo attend the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Ray Liotta and Jacy Nittolo attend the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards

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Ray Liotta is remembered on what would have been his 68th birthday.

The late Emmy Award winner’s fiancée, Jacy Nittolo, paid tribute to Liotta’s memory with a slideshow of photos featuring the two of them and their children, on The Beatles’ “In My Life.”

Liotta died unexpectedly at age 67 in May.

She began the caption with a quote from Chuck Palahniuk: “The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

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“Today Ray would have been 68,” Nittolo, 48, continued. “I believe he created a lot of things for everyone that will live on forever, especially in the hearts of Linda, Ray’s sister, his daughter Karsen and myself. Today we celebrate you .”

The photos included memories of their relationship, as well as blended family time with his daughter Karsen Liotta, 24, whom he shared with his ex-wife Michelle Grace, and the four children of Nittolo, Dax, Chazz, Jade and Joey.

Nittolo was greeted with an outpouring of love and support in the comments section. “True words have never been spoken. So he will live forever. Happy birthday, Ray,” wrote Kelly Rizzo, who also lost her significant other when her husband Bob Saget died at 65 in January.

The former hairstylist has remained close with Karsen, attending the posthumous premiere of her father’s film Black bird in June. Ray previously revealed that Karsen introduced them after meeting Nittolo’s son, who is around his age, at a party.

After announcing their engagement in December 2020, Ray spoke to PEOPLE about getting closer to Nittolo during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Luckily, I had met someone, and it really, really brought us closer, to the point where I’m engaged,” he said last November. “So I like to think that was the reason. I’ve heard there’s a lot of people whose relationship didn’t work out because they were together so much. But she’s just awesome.”

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Nittolo, who paid tribute to Liotta with a tattoo in August, opened up about her loss on her first Thanksgiving without him. “I’ve been without Ray for almost six months now. Most days are unbearable,” she wrote on Instagram. “I find it hard to breathe without him.”

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