Proud mother collects her 3-year-old daughter’s hair and shares video on TikTok, leaving users divided

Three days ago, a TikTok was posted of a mother perming her three-year-old daughter’s hair at a beauty salon. The video was shared by user @flambingo, who listed her identity as the mother of a 23-year-old child in her account bio.

The video was shared on Saturday and garnered over 468,000 views. As well as 22.3 likes.

The TikTok video

The video begins with the mother showing the three-year-old sitting in a styling chair at the salon. The hairdresser can be seen applying the chemical relaxer to the child’s hair.

The video then shows the relaxer being washed and shampooed from the child’s hair. From there, the child returns to the styling chair. And the hairdresser appears to be applying another product, which could be a conditioner, to the three-year-old’s hair.

Next, the stylist separates her hair into sections and styles the girl’s hair into braids.

The video then cuts to the three-year-old showing off her braids, which appear to have added length, to another woman. The video ends with the child waving to the camera.


my daughter has a relaxer🥺 #imnotexplainingshit #relaxer #natural #toddler #thismymfbaby #fyp

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TikTok users are divided in their reactions

The clip garnered over 3,000 comments. And undeniably left viewers divided in their position. Some users wondered why the mother would decide to perm her daughter’s hair at such a young age. While others shared their understanding of his decision.

lol I had my 1st perm at 3 years old! My hair is always long and healthy

As long as the child is happy and taken care of, I see no harm

Easier to maintain without crying I did it to my daughter’s hair I regret it but I can maintain her hair without hassle

Awww baby is happy and mom is happy!! It’s all that matters

Other users responded by expressing their disagreement with the mother’s decision.

Are you worried about the risk of fibroids/cancer with relaxer?

I did this to my daughter…the worst decision I’ve ever made!!! She’s 21 now and her hair still ain’t right smh

I’m surprised the stylist did, more than anything. Stylists should educate alongside style, but it’s your child, so it’s your decision

I’m surprised they give relaxers so young

Just know that relaxation does not stop maintenance. It takes even more now because the hair is in a more fragile state and the bonds are broken.

Some did not understand why the mother had decided to perm the daughter’s hair, only to style it in braids.

She didn’t need to straighten her hair for this style…. I thought she was tryin’ to wave her fingers or summ

She put on a relaxer and rubber bands

Relax to just put braids

Daughter’s mother responds to TikTok users

The 23-year-old mom took the time to respond to a few comments. And defended her decision to perm her three-year-old daughter’s hair. She responded to a comment saying she was 23 with a “full head of RELAXED hair”. And another, saying her decision was a “last resort.”

it was honestly a last resort thing, it’s not harmful if you go to the right person and know how to maintain it

She also followed up with some videos shedding light on the situation.



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In reply to @bexxyfaces 🫶🏽

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Then continued to defend his decision.


you can literally push your opinions where the sun doesn’t shine. #fypシ #relaxers #naturalhair #relaxersareback #getoverit #imnotexplainingshit

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The 23-year-old’s mother also shared a TikTok, defending her daughter’s decision.


Check the comments on the flambingo page. I go hard for mine ALWAYS FWM

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Roommates, what do you think of the decision of the mother and grandmother?

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