Primark worker at busiest time of day ‘when queue is longest’ – ‘don’t go’

Georgia Pontin is a former Primark employee who has revealed some of the secrets of her time at the high street store with her 91.5,000 TikTok followers. The lifestyle vlogger posts videos under the username @pontasaurus and warned customers of the busiest time of day to visit a Primark store.

In a segment of her video series ‘Secrets of Primark from someone who worked there’, she said: ‘If you shop at Primark, don’t go there during this time.

Georgia continued, “Each store has a prime time, which is their busiest time, so at the store where I worked, our prime time was at 2 p.m. During that time, anyone not in break or no lunch had to be downstairs in the store.

“Because it was so busy, we had to go behind everyone and fold everything up or put things back together and make sure everything was clean, or at least we would try to. And often during this time, that’s when the queue is the longest.”

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Georgia’s video has amassed nearly 6,000 likes at the time of writing, with viewers leaving their experiences in the comments section. Another former employee posted as Boydie said: ‘I worked at Primark and can relate to everything in your videos.

Another ex-worker said, “I was still mortified when I was given that stick.” Ashlea, who worked at Primark Manchester, said prime time in her store was 3pm. “We used to call it the rumble. The 3pm rumble at Primark Manchester,” she said. “Everyone had to go to the workshop and scold (tidy up and fold).”

In another recent video, Georgia explained how workers are trained to catch would-be thieves at checkouts. She said: “If someone buys a purse or a purse, we had to check it. We had to open it and physically check what was inside because people think that they can hide things there.”

However, she was not allowed to tell customers frankly whether they were really trying to steal or not. Georgia explained: “If we were on crates and found something in the bag when we checked it, we weren’t allowed to say ‘oh, are you stealing that?

We had to say, ‘Do you want that too?’ And if they really want it, they’ll say yes, but if they got caught most of the time, they’ll act like they didn’t know it was in there.”

She added: “Sometimes it’s a complete accident and people don’t really know that three is something in the bag, but we have to check in case someone actually tries to steal something. But whenever I was at the checkouts and had to ask someone who I would think as they were stealing, but it was just me.”

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