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An elegantly dressed Helen Dettweiler on the links.

“Girl Will Give Sports Report” ran the headline of the Minneapolis Star Tribune in September 1938. That “girl” was 23-year-old Helen Dettweiler, the “first and so far only female baseball radio reporter to make the play- by”. -play shows.

The report describes the highly accomplished athlete as a “blonde, Washington, DC native” who “has taken over baseball broadcasts on 50 stations as part of a traveling mission that will eventually take her to 69 stations. … Miss Dettweiler is an exceptional sports champion. She has shown champion class in almost every form of women’s sports.

Dettweiler’s common sense was demonstrated by the way she got the job: “Having played baseball since the age of 5, not only on the backcourt but also on the school and college teams , Miss Dettweiler came up with the idea during a golf game with Clark Griffith, president of the Washington Senators. She expressed her wish to become a baseball announcer. He thought the idea had merit and l put in contact with the interests of the radio.

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