Patrick Dempsey says goodbye to his McDreamy hair with a trendy new cut

Patrick Dempsey traded in his salt-and-pepper wavy hair for a ‘fresh’ new buzz cut – and the actor pulled off the look all on his own.

The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star, 56, shaved his hair in a video posted Dec. 12 to Instagram by his wife, makeup artist and hairstylist Jillian Dempsey. In the short black and white clip, Patrick Dempsey holds his jaw as he runs an electric razor through his hair with little fuss.

“Change is good! Have you ever buzzed your hair? Watch @patrickdempsey use clippers to remove dyed hair from a character role and start fresh!” Jillian Dempsey wrote in her caption.

“PS My Roadie was there to help give her a style edge,” she added.

Fans flocked to the comment where they gave the ‘Disenchanted’ star two enthusiastic thumbs up.

“I think he looks fabulous…much better looking today…time to get rid of the McDreamy hair…now he really does look McDreamy!!” wrote one, referencing the nickname of Patrick Dempsey’s “Grey’s Anatomy” character, Derek Shepherd.

“I LOVE his new Buzz Cut!! He looks SO hot now!!! wrote another.

Of course, a few fans mourned the loss of Dempsey’s signature hairstyle.

“HER PRECIOUS HAIR,” one wrote.

While a few others noted that they preferred the actor’s buzz cut to the platinum blonde hairstyle he wore earlier this year for his role in the upcoming ‘Ferrari’ movie.

“Glad the blonde is gone,” one wrote.

In fact, this blonde played a part in Dempsey’s decision to shave his head.

Jillian Dempsey told People that her husband’s ‘in-the-moment’ cut was kind of a style ‘revival’ he needed after the blonde dye job, which made his roots almost ‘invisible’ when they pushed.

“Patrick recently dyed his hair platinum for a project, and even though he recolored his hair, it wasn’t the same natural ‘pepper and salt’ color that we all know and love,” Jillian Dempsey told the publication. “In order to let her color grow back naturally, we had to give her a new, short start.”

The hairstylist told People she was okay with her husband shaving his head, particularly because she was supervising the cut. “I was comfortable ever since I did the first pass on it,” she said.

Plus, she repeated, change can be a lot of fun for everyone.

“I always say you should go blonde or buzz your head at least once in your life!” said Dempsey.

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