Nick Knight’s “ikon-1” NFTs Receive Critical Acclaim

Ikon-1 by Nick Knight with Jazzelle (CNW Group/SHOWstudio)

Ikon-1 by Nick Knight with Jazzelle (CNW Group/SHOWstudio)

LONDON, December 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – ikon-1 is the first major digital fashion NFT collection by a renowned photographer Nick Knight featuring Instagram sensation and model Jazzelle/ @uglyworldwide and is a showcase for the work of 30 of the world’s top digital fashion designers. Each ikon-1 NFT acts as a member offering priority access to wearable digital fashion, exclusive drops with like-minded communities, live broadcasts and virtual events on the fashion and art platform SHOWstudioas well as an exclusive ikon-1 metawardobe of AR wearables in collaboration with Digital Fashion marketplace ROBESX.

ikon-1 is an inspiring and compelling vision for the future of fashion on the Web3 that I hope will inspire much-needed change and adoption of technology in the fashion industry.

Nick Knight

Nick Knight was an early adopter of 3D scanning, bringing subjects and fashion into the virtual world as early as 1998, just before launching SHOWstudio. Featuring 3D collaborations with icons like Kanye, Bjork and Lady Gaga. In addition to makeup created by Jazelle Zanaughitti, the project features collaborations with the legendary hairstylist Eugene Souleimanworld famous nail artist Marianne Newmanand longtime SHOWstudio collaborating digital artist Tom Wandrag, among others.

“Knight is once again following his foresight, this time tapping into a technology he believes will eventually have more cultural influence than fashion photography: Web3. […] At a time when the traditional fashion industry and Web3 are still often at odds in terms of taste and tradition, Knight – who has built deep relationships with fashion and the media for decades – is uniquely positioned to drill. “”

Meghan McDowellBusiness in vogue

Long term is the word for this project. Although riding the wave of a current technological obsession […] – Knight’s expansion of humanity into the web space began over 20 years ago, at a time when fashion’s relationship with the internet could be politely described as hectic.”

Alex FuryAnother Magazine

“There are simply no rules when it comes to the British director. In fact, his whole calling has centered on rejecting the formula that has dominated image-making for decades. […] A non-binary spearhead, Jazzelle is best known for her craftsmanship that subverts traditional standards of beauty, instead celebrating the weird and the wonderful.”

Bethany Ryder, Daily Jing

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About SHOWstudio:

SHOWstudio is an award-winning fashion website, founded and run by Nick Knight, who transformed the medium of online fashion communication by engaging with moving images in the digital age. Since its creation in November 2000, SHOWstudio’s groundbreaking projects have included some of the earliest experiments with innovative technologies, including 3D imaging, avatar creation, artificial intelligence, and interactive objects. The first to broadcast a fashion show live with by Alexander McQueen Plato Atlantis in 2001, SHOWstudio has also been broadcasting live since the infancy of technology, redefining the way fashion is presented via the Internet.



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