New trailer for The Whale announces national expansion on December 21

Earlier this week, A24 unveiled a brand new trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, The whale, which stars Brendan Fraser in a career role, Sadie Sink and Hong Chau. The film is currently playing in select theaters in North America and will expand to more theaters on December 21.

You can check out the new trailer here:

The whale follows Brendan Fraser’s Charlie as a 600-pound online English teacher who tries to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter, played by Sadie Sink, whom he abandoned for his lover. He has now decided to die, but before that happens, he examines his life and tries to confront long-buried traumas and ghosts that have haunted him for decades. The film is described by A24 as an in-depth character study of a man grappling with his regrets once he voluntarily reaches the end of the road, as well as the weight that fatherhood entails, and overall feelings of guilt and of remorse.


This new trailer focuses on Charlie’s efforts to reconnect with his daughter and culminates in the emotional delivery of the line “I need to know I’ve done one thing right in my life.” We meet Hong Chau, who plays Charlie’s longtime best friend, as she tries to persuade Brendan Fraser’s character not to go after his daughter. However, he is determined. Before leaving this world, he must know that all the decisions of his life were not terrible.

East The whale a major candidate for the Oscars?

Hong Chau The Whale Darren Aronofsky Brendan Fraser A24

The whaleMarketing and awards campaigns have been primarily focused on spotlighting Brendan Fraser’s performance, hoping for a Best Actor nomination and ultimate win. The actor is currently the favorite on Gold Derby to earn a nomination in the category, and could very well return home with the statue on March 12. The only real competition he has at the moment is Colin Farrell for The Banshees of Inisherinand maybe Elvis‘ Austin Butler, although the buzz has mostly diluted for him at this point. In general, it’s a weak year for this category (best actress is much more competitive), so it could easily come out on top.

Hong Chau could earn a Best Supporting Actress nomination, although there’s a good chance Kerry Condon will take home the win in that category – even if she’s nominated, Chau won’t be a major threat to some of the cast. other favourites. This is perhaps the hottest acting category right now.

Additionally, Gold Derby also predicts that the screenplay could get a nomination in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, where women who talk is the current favorite to be nominated and even to win. More technical categories like Best Makeup and Hairstyling might also show some love for Fraser’s incredible prosthetics, which added around 300 pounds to the character.

Who worked on The whale?

Sadie sinks whale Darren Aronofsky A24 Brendan Fraser

The film was written by Samuel D. Hunter, based on his own play, and directed by Darren Aronofsky. It’s a 180 departure for him from his last job, the Question Mark with Jennifer Lawrence, 2017 known as mother! It’s also a big departure from his typical mind-bending psychological thrillers (see Pi Where Black Swan), to focus on an in-depth character study that moves much away from directing and instead focuses on acting and storyline. The cast includes Brendan Fraser as Charlie in what has been described as a career-defining performance; Hong Chau as her best friend Liz, stranger things‘ Sadie Sink as Ellie, Ty Simpkins (iron man 3) as Thomas, Samantha Morton as Mary, Sathya Sridharan as Dan The Pizza Man, and Jacey Sink as young Ellie.

Aronofsky, Jeremy Dawson and Ari Handel are producers, while Tyson Bidner and Scott Franklin are executive producers, and Dylan Golden and Brendan Naylor are associate producers. Matthew Libatique, a frequent Aronofsky contributor who recently worked on Don’t Worry Darling, acted as cinematographer, while Andrew Weisblum, another Aronofsky regular who also worked on Tick, Tick …Boom! last year, is the editor of the film.

The Whale Poster Brendan Fraser Darren Aronofsky A24

The whale will expand nationwide on December 21 and open to international markets in January and February. What did you think of the trailer? Are you thrilled to see Brendan Fraser in such a The whale? Let us know your thoughts on our social networks!


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