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Halfway between ahairdressing dissolved and a collection, the semi-harvest it is one of those evergreen hairstyles that, in a classic or more particular style, is able to highlight the face leaving it uncovered in the front part and, at the same time, frame it with the lengths. Pinned up throughout the day with a clip for quick styling, or styled to perfection for a special occasion, its versatility makes it suitable for all situations, textures and lengths. To confirm the charm of half up hairstyles they think about it celebrity who, in a selfie, a photo shoot or a public event, give the inspiration to always try new things. As you scroll through the photos you’ll want to try them all, Cosmo’s word.

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Semi-updos: Shay Mitchell’s idea

Combining long, straight hair with a tight, smooth semi-updo is the stylish touch to focus on to enhance the look and keep the hair flowing.


Semi-updos: Dua Lipa’s idea

After the ponytail, to nail the trends of this 2022the half ponytail takes care of it, or the half ponytail. Gathered at the nape of the neck with a tight elastic, this one hairdressing adds a pop dimension to the look.


Semi-updos: Úrsula Corberó’s idea

Who says side tufts can’t be pulled together into mini baby braids? Certainly not our Tokyo The paper house who, with her hairmidday and curly, it gives us inspiration for ahalf bun hairstyle original and irresistible.


Semi-bun hairstyles: Rihanna’s idea

An inexhaustible source of inspiration, the young mother knows how to fight boredom with hairstyles, always different cuts and colors. This semi-harvestmade with small black rubber bands and a lot of patience, is theidea to copy to wear one on the head Advertisement sparkling and full of style.


Mid-up hairstyles: Megan Fox’s idea

Pigtails can be worn at any age, and if so, just copy them from Machine Gun Kelly’s bride-to-be, who showed them off in ahalf bun hairstyle and Y2K, with front locks framing her face.


Semi-buns: Chiara Ferragni’s idea

Talk about hairstyles 00s style and inspired by Barbiecore, you can’t miss the semi-collected with front braids and Chiara Ferragni’s pink elastic bands, inspiration for an original style.

Checked wide and extended to the temples, thehalf up half down hairstyle by Kylie Jenner refers to that of Rihanna, this time in a less demanding and complex version, suitable for an everyday look.


Semi-updos: Katy Perry’s idea

Literally space outL’hairdressing by Katy Perry is the inspiration to try the most classic version of the space bunwhich usually gather the entire hair into two buns on the top and side sections of the head.


Semi-buns: the idea of ​​Christina Aguilera


Semi-collected hairstyles: Ariana Grande’s idea

In love with half up hairstylesAriana Grande chose a half ponytail for her (secret) wedding day, held in place by a rubber band itself covered in a black silk bow, a real touch of class.


Semi-buns: the idea of ​​Camila Cabello

All over the buns, the jellyfish tail is rediscovered on Camila Cabello in the remix of my love with Stromae in half version, divided on two back pigtails and combined with two flat locks falling around the face


Semi-bun hairstyles: Jennifer Lopez’s idea

With baby hair sealed at the forehead, JLo has shown time and time again how a ‘half bun hairstyle can be suitable for all situations, both for public and private events (i.e. your wedding).


Semi-buns: Hailey Bieber’s idea

Even though one of her favorite hairstyles are baby braids around the face or fluffy, uncombed buns, even Hailey Bieber sometimes succumbs to the charm of a half bun hairstylein this case combined with a cascade of diamonds around the face.


Semi-buns: the idea of ​​Zoey Dutch

With thin tufts that skim the jaw line, divided by a side parting, Zoey Dutch stops the front locks at the back of the head, giving the look a bucolic and extremely romantic allure.


Semi-updos: Blake Lively’s idea

With her long blonde hair, Blake Lively certainly doesn’t know what boredom is hairstyles. On the occasion of the premiere of The Adam Projectwhere she went with husband Ryan Reynolds, sported a half ponytail soft, slightly teased on top.


Semi-updos: Sabrina Carpenter’s idea

Although she is always seen with her fluffy loose waves and velvety bangs, which allow thick eyebrows to be seen in the shadows, Sabrina Carpenter is another of the celebrity who wanted to livehalf bun hairstyle with ribbon, but this time soft and airy.

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