Naomi Ackie shares concern about role of Whitney Houston she had to overcome

Since the monster success of 2018 Bohemian Rhapsodythere has been an increase in films about musicians like Elton John’s Rocketmanby Aretha Franklin Respect and Elvis Presley Elvis. This Christmas the trend continues with the biopic about the iconic black musicianWhitney Houston, who stunned the world with her incredible voice and a ton of massive hits. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actress Naomi Ackie took on the role and, while speaking to CinemaBlend, shared one thing about playing the singer that she found particularly difficult.

Ackie portrays Whitney Houston during her thirty-year career in I want to dance with someone. When I asked her if she could film in order in any way, she said they didn’t with these words:

I think I naively remember asking the producers, “Can we at least try, please?” [to shoot in order]?’ you know, because I was very concerned about playing Whitney at different ages, which obviously happened because there’s just certain things that you can’t control and that’s really how it works . So yeah, some days I was playing like 22 and then 42 in the same day, and it was quite confusing at times.

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