Move over Barbie, Ariel is now the favorite fashion inspiration

AFP – Who would have thought? After Barbie, it’s Ariel’s turn – aka The Little Mermaid – to stand out as the ultimate fashion icon.

From catwalks to social media to red carpets, everyone is clamoring for their cult looks, or drawing inspiration from them.

So get your seashells and fishing nets ready, because the aquatic references are here! A cult Disney film, The Little Mermaid is itself based on a 19th century tale by Hans Christian Andersen. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, except, perhaps, over 180 years later, suddenly everyone seems to be everywhere in the essential outfits of the world’s most famous mermaid.

It might seem odd, given that the tails of these mythical sea creatures aren’t particularly practical for city life, but mermaidcore is definitely the fashion trend of the moment. And it’s set to expand with the live-action adaptation of the Disney movie releasing in May 2023.

Since life on land is a little different from life underwater – and we’re not mermaids in the making – this fashion trend translates above all into a multitude of aquatic references. As a result, shells – patterned or embroidered – are in the spotlight, whether on clothing, jewelry or accessories.

Ludovic De Saint Sernin’s latest fashion show, for the spring/summer 2023 season, is directly inspired by the wardrobe of the legendary Disney character. PHOTO: AFP

The famous fishnet material should make a resounding comeback in the coming weeks, as well as sequins and sequins, while colors inspired by the ocean such as blue will be the shades of choice.

On social networks, and especially on TikTok, the mermaidcore trend is already gaining a crowd of followers around the world. The hashtag has been viewed no less than 22 million times on the Chinese social media site, while its #mermaidcoreaesthetic version has over a million views.

So what does this imply? In a nutshell, just about every aspect of Ariel’s attire, from her hairstyles to her legendary outfits and magical beauty looks.

Social media users aren’t the only ones embracing the mermaidcore trend, which is also gaining traction among designers and celebrities. We saw it in Ludovic De Saint Sernin’s last fashion show, for the spring/summer 2023 season, directly inspired by the wardrobe of the legendary Disney character, in a sensual version, not to say ultra-sexy .

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