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A century has passed since the Roaring 1920s, but new and rookie designers seem to be taking inspiration from the Jazz Age this winter. Fur-lined coats and flashy asymmetrical patterns, often associated with vintage classics, have been resurrected as modern wardrobe staples.

Ahead of New York Fashion Week next month, we’ve rounded up a short list of local designers based in Bushwick and the surrounding area to watch.

A. Potts

Born in Detroit and now in Brooklyn, Aaron Potts has become a recognizable name in the fashion industry. Formerly of Parson, his creations have been worn by names like Dave East, Machine Gun Kelly and Ciara since the launch of his brand at the end of 2018.

Potts’ neutral palettes and androgynous designs are on-brand for modern fashion minimalists. While her pieces have classic versatility, each has a unique sparkle and twist that turns heads. The brand has been featured as part of New York’s Men’s Day for the past few years and is on its way to becoming a notable name in fashion.

Check out more of the latest collection from A. Pott on his website and find the NYFW schedule of A. Potter here.

Below: a preview of Lizzy Gee’s latest collection, which will be presented at IMPACT VERS next February. (Lizzy Gee)

Lizzy Gee

Founded in 2018 in Brooklyn, Pratt pays tribute to graduate Lizzy Gee who dedicates her brand to ideas such as inclusivity, gender liberation and sustainable fashion. According to her website, her clothes caught the attention of the pages of British vogue and have been spotted on musicians like Grimes and Kimbra.

Gee says her brand is still suffering from a fire that destroyed her design studio in Bushwick last fall. Next month, she’s set to perform a show at the designer boutique she co-founded a while ago called VERS (see below). Who’s hitting February 12, tickets are based on donations

“My brand presentation will be a combination of musical performance and parade with local musicians, such as Chelsea Smith, wearing my designs,” Gee told me. Her brand focuses on using recycled, upcycled, unused, and organic fabrics and textiles according to her website.

“Designs will be a combination of previously shown work converted and restyled with new pieces. That’s the beauty of creating reversible and customizable garments,” adds Gee.

Besides ethical production, Gee’s focus on androgynous designs using a vibrant color palette has become a memorable addition to the local fashion industry in recent years, thanks to his bold experimentations and poppy style. and modern that it has developed over the years. Follow her brand on Instagram.


A prolific name in the New York fashion industry, the WORMS boutique in Bushwick features over 30 local designers. The retailer offers streetwear flair, utilitarian pieces, androgynous glamour, and every possible style you’re looking for.

Self-proclaimed as “Clothing for the People,” the retailer prides itself on showcasing diverse and up-and-coming local talent, prioritizing inclusivity, disruption and social justice.

WORMS began hosting pop-ups around Bushwick in 2014 before opening its independent brick-and-mortar store in 2021, directly on Willoughby Avenue. In addition to supporting a local community of designers, WORMS also runs regular pop-ups and collaborations with local tattoo studios, artists and community members in addition to its work in the local queer community.

WORMS is located at 1329 Willoughby Avenue. Follow the brand on Instagram.

Vers sells clothes designed by around 30 different local designers. Below is Vers’s stable of designers and creatives, from left to right: Beau McCall, Adrienne White, Tilly J d Wolfe Lapidos and Claire Fleury. (Elia Griffin)

Zero Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel, also known as zwd, first appeared around 2017 after gaining attention from outlets like News Feed and Initiated. The proclaimed “zero waste lifestyle pioneer” has drawn attention for using local pre-consumer recycled waste, as well as hard-to-recycle materials to create beautiful quilts and flowing designs that make the use of landfills a priority.

The brand’s founder, Daniel Silverstein, is already becoming a household name in the fashion industry, following complementary features in Forbes and vogue following collaborations with names like ThredUp, Alice + Olivia and more. Follow the brand on Instagram.

Rorschach romance

So maybe gender neutrality wasn’t necessarily a priority in the Roaring Twenties, but modern brands like Rorschach Romance have long been pioneers in blending vintage style with androgynous and political expression.

“Fashion is Political” is one of the brand’s favorite slogans, but despite the seriousness of its political positioning, the brand hardly takes itself seriously. From handmade multicolored crocheted bucket hands to gummy worm studs, Rorschach Romance has quickly established itself as a recognizable brand in the local design community. Follow the brand on Instagram.

The return of Street Wear fashion week

SFW Runway brand showcases up-and-coming high-end and luxury streetwear designers and plans to debut near Bushwick and Ridgewood this year during February fashion week, although details of what’s on the way are currently scary . Check out previous runway looks, event details and tickets here.

SFW will be held at 49 Wyckoff Avenue at the Wyckoff Windows Studio this year on February 11.

Top images taken by Elia Griffin for Bushwick Daily.

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