Monsterboy LIVES Host Wednesday Night Poetry

North Little Rock multi-instrumental husband and wife musical duo Veronica Wirges and Chris Long of Monsterboy LIVES will be the featured performers on Wednesday Night Poetry at Kollective Coffee + Tea, 110 Central Ave.

The regular open mic session for all poets, musicians, storytellers will begin at 6:30 p.m. today. Monsterboy LIVES will begin its feature at 7:30 p.m., followed by another round of open mics. Admission is free and open to all ages. Masks are recommended. Everyone is welcome.

Wirges was born in central Arkansas, traveled in her teens and twenties, and returned to Arkansas. Her husband was born in Florida and moved to central Arkansas in elementary school.

“We currently live in North Little Rock with our two adorable cow cats, Pepper and Bueller,” Wirges said in a press release.

“Chris was raised on the Southern Delta blues, picking up all the instruments in those garage rock jam sessions. I’m a classically trained saxophonist and pianist, with a love for world music percussion. It’s as odd as a match, musically, like you could get married. So that’s what we did, literally. We met, fell in love and said yes,” she said.

“About half of the income we earn comes from the salon we own together. I’m a hairstylist and colorist and Chris is a massage therapist. The other half of our income comes from our music career, under the name Monsterboy LIVES. We create and playing our music, while sharing our knowledge through music education,” she said.

“We both went to trade school for our salon services. As far as our music goes, most of our education was on the streets so to speak, with little or no college. for both of us. We’ve attended our fair share of conferences and workshops to better understand the industry we’re in. We have a selection of singles released and have been working on music for podcasts. Currently we’re working on our first full album, while playing in Nashville, Austin and Arkansas,” says Wirges.

“Our work exists in the space between indie pop and alternative rock. We combine vintage and antique instrumentation with modern sound design using found sounds. So many things can create the spark that turns into a song. , but it seems like a new instrument or a new sound is a safe bet,” she said.

“Chris wrote elegant parts for his music using a low register instrument most of his life – he thought it was for a cello. Whenever he met a cello player he listened to their work and was saddened that it was just “It wasn’t the sound he was looking for. The only times he had noticed a bari sax was in jazz, where the instrument was used in a noodly or percussive way. Since I was classically trained in the bari sax, it resulted in my approach to the horn being to blend in and sustain rather than stand out. Lots of emphasis on tonality and use of swell. The first time I played for Chris, he lit up, because that was the missing piece for his musical works,” Wirges said.

“As transient members of the LGBT+ community, we find ourselves with one foot in two worlds. Our work centers on the journey to find happiness and truth in a world clinging to labels. We have found happiness in each in others. Our music speaks to hopeless romantics, band nerds and creative minds,” she said.

Wirges and WNP host Kai Coggin met through their work as Artist Leadership Fellows with the Mid-America Arts Alliance this year.

“We’re so honored that Kai invited us into this incredible community that she’s helped maintain. We’re always thrilled to play for new audiences and we love Hot Springs,” Wirges said.

“I’m so excited to welcome Veronica and Chris to Wednesday Night Poetry this week. It’s like two worlds collide; our Hot Springs poetry world and their Little Rock music world. Their sound is so unique and they’re both incredibly talented. I know the crowd will love them. Monsterboy LIVES is an experience! It’s going to be a really special night,” Coggin said in a statement.

This week marks 1,768 consecutive Wednesdays of open-mic poetry in downtown Hot Springs since Feb. 1, 1989. “WNP is the nation’s longest-running weekly open-mic series,” the statement read. E-mail [email protected] for more information.

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