Model Joan Smalls shows off ‘jellyfish’ haircut that’s making waves in Hollywood

New hairstyle trends can be hard to imagine in your everyday life, especially when they’re a little out of the way. Model Joan Smalls showed off her more understated take on the “jellyfish” haircut that has gone viral.

What is the “jellyfish” haircut?

The jellyfish haircut is a new take on the mullet. The hair is cut in two distinct layers – the first is a 360 degree bob, while the second layer is extremely straight and much longer. Both layers resemble the sea creature whose hairdo is named after.

The second layer is usually worn straight, but some have curled their hair to create their own version of the style. Others dye each layer of the jellyfish hairstyle a different color to make the difference between the layers more distinct.

“This look is on trend because it’s a gender-neutral style and it’s very bold, artsy and creative,” said hairstylist Raven Hurtado. Charm. “It’s like having short and long hair at the same time.”

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She explained that the jellyfish haircut is perfect for people who are considering cutting their hair but aren’t ready to commit to a shorter style just yet. “This cut is also perfect if you want to experiment with color for an extra bold playful style and show off your personality,” Hurtado said.

Nicole Kidman’s Style

The hair trend was mostly seen on social media or on the catwalk, but it made it into the mainstream when Nicole Kidman sported a slightly different version of the style for a Perfect magazine Photo shoot.

The layers on her version were both straight, which made her look a little less like a jellyfish and more like a hairstyle you could rock every day. Looks like Smalls took inspiration from Kidman’s hairstyle for her appearance at this year’s American Music Awards.

How Joan Smalls rocked the jellyfish haircut

Both Smalls’ coats were smooth and straight, like Kidman’s more laid-back version. The model also put her own twist on the jellyfish hairstyle. Her top layer, shorter, did not go all the way around her head. Instead, two shorter pieces framed her face, while the rest went past her shoulders.

(Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp)

Smalls paired the distinctive hairdo with a glam glittery gold dress. The long-sleeved dress had cutouts at the hips and a front slit. She accessorized with small dangling earrings and two large gold cuffs on each wrist.

The jellyfish hairstyle is not for everyone, but social media stars and famous personalities like Kidman and Smalls have shown that there are many different ways to rock this distinctive haircut.

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