Mete Kobal’s age explored as Randy Fenoli gets engaged to boyfriend

Fashion designer Randy Fenoli got engaged to her boyfriend of a year – we learn more about Mete Kobal and her age.

The Say Yes To The Dress presenter and creator revealed the exciting personal news with a series of images shared on Instagram over the weekend.

“Yes! It’s official!” Randy captioned the picture carousel. “Been engaged!! [Mete Kobal] We are so in love! Thanks a lot.”

The engagement announcement sparked fans’ interest in learning more about Randy’s partner, Mete Kobal. We take a look at Mete’s age, education, career, and Instagram profile.

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The age of Mete Kobal explored

Mete Kobal is said to be in his late 30s or early 40s based on personal details available about his upbringing on social media.

According to his Facebook profile, he started studying Mechanical Engineering at Sakarya University in 2003, indicating that he must have been around 18 or 19 when he enrolled in the school.

If he enrolled in college when he was 19, Mete is expected to be 38 or 39 in 2022.

Mete graduated from Sakarya University in 2007 and later earned a business degree from Anadolu University where he studied from 2007 to 2011.

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Who is Mete Kobal?

According to his Facebook profile, Mete is from Turkey. He worked as a restaurant manager at the New York hotel complex The Marmara Park Avenue.

Besides the two degrees he earned in Turkey, he enrolled at Hudson County Community College in September 2014 to study business.

Mete and Randy met at Marmara Park Avenue in January this year before starting a romantic relationship. The hotel holds a special place in their hearts as Randy popped the question in the same place on Saturday, surrounded by their close friends and family.

Speaking to People, the Say Yes To The Dress presenter revealed the wedding wasn’t planned until he bumped into Mete.

“I am the king of the bride. I’ve been doing this marriage for 30 years, and honestly, I never thought this was going to happen to me,” he told the outlet.

“And I was okay with that. I was like, ‘Honestly, I have my career, I have my house, I have my dog, I have my mom,’ and I was like, ‘ I’m just going to be single the rest of my life.’ And then I met Mete.

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Meet Mete on Instagram

Mete is on Instagram with nearly 100 posts and 35.7k followers. Her fan base is expected to increase further after the engagement announcement.

In his Instagram bio, Mete reveals that he is a dog lover and has interests in music, photography, and books. He has a link to his YouTube channel where he uploaded a video of a musician playing in a New York subway.

You can find out more about Mete under the handle @metekobal or by following the link below:

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