Meghan Markle may have been in the room for Doria’s Netflix interview as signals were spotted

Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, has appeared in the Netflix docuseries, Harry and Meghan. Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas, also known as The Body Language guy, analyzed Doria’s appearance in a recent YouTube video. It explored whether Meghan was in the room when Doria was being interviewed, as well as Doria’s nervousness over certain questions and how she showed signs of relaxation when discussing memories.

The first idea Jesús explored was whether Doria had her daughter in the room for her interview.

Jesús said: “I’m sure you noticed that Doria was repeating her words somehow [at the very beginning].

“She looks up and starts to vocalize a few words, we can’t tell what she was saying at the time – maybe she was humming or singing a song to calm herself down? That would mean she was a little nervous.

“The gesture I wanted to highlight was when she looked to her left – which she doesn’t do at any other time, and she smiled. So maybe Meghan was right next to her?

“The only other two cues are subtle lip pressing at the start and looking a bit worried at the end,” he added.

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Doria was asked by the interviewer: “Start by introducing yourself to us.” She replied, “Of course. My name is Doria and I am Meghan’s mother. And uh, the last five years have been tough. Yeah.”

Jesús watched this clip and commented, “We’re starting to see the first signals of nervousness – remember we can’t jump to body language conclusions with just one or two signals, we have to stack them so we can have a more solid idea of ​​what’s going on.

“In this case, she starts with her head towards the interviewer, that’s nice, she’s ready to be there. After simply replying ‘My name is Doria and…the last five years have been difficult, she pulled her head back. Her head is back, it’s a bit of resistance – it’s just a cue but maybe she’s camera shy?

“And the other thing is the quick blink when she says ‘the last five years have been tough’.”

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The next clip Jesús watches is where Doria says, “I’m ready to make my voice heard, for sure. A bit of my experience, you know, as his mother. Yeah.”

The body language expert suggests: “It should be noted that these clips [of Doria] are heavily modified because the gesture and posture are not the same where one ends and the other begins. So we have to take that into account.

“At the moment, we have several signals indicating that she is nervous; notice she tries to settle into the seat, she has a few reported shrugs, her left should come up [and down].

“When she said ‘a bit of my experience, you know, as her mother’, she looked to one side, left in the same direction ‘as her mother’ in reference to Meghan. It was highly likely that Meghan was standing next to the camera and the lighting.

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“Another sign that she is nervous is when she repeats ‘you know, like her mother’. Well, we already know that she is her [Meghan’s] mom, it’s weird but it could just be nervousness.

“These signals of nervousness, it’s important to take them into account, because if someone is nervous, it’s a filter that we have to use when we watch the following clips.”

Jesús moved on to the next question posed to Doria: “Remember when Meg told you she was dating Harry?”

He commented: “Notice on the question, Doria has this defensive attitude, her head and chin are back.

“It’s a simple question and notice how she’s looking to her left, it’s definitely to her left, not like we’ve seen before.

“It’s to her left, to the left, so her memory bank, so she actually remembers when Meghan told her she was dating Harry.”

Doria told the interviewer, “Yeah. And when she told me, we were on the phone and she said…”

“Notice that her eyes go all the way to her left, so she actually remembers the moment,” Jesús said.

“Remembering this event, she relaxes, her neck, head, lips and shoulders all relax.

“She does this subtle nod – and it’s something I’ve noticed about Doria, it’s part of her baseline, her common body language [signals].

Jesús noted: “It is important to do the analysis in chronological order, you can assume that at the beginning of the interview Doria would have been more nervous, and as the interview progressed she was more relaxed and spoke at ease.”

Jesús Enrique Rosas is a body language expert and persuasion consultant. His YouTube channel, The Body Language Guy has 557,000 subscribers. He wrote a book; Body Language in 40 Days, where he helps people learn what “postures, gestures, attitudes, voice tones, distance between people, facial expressions mean”.

Jesús, alongside a team of other experts, conducts body language analysis masterclasses for the Knesix Institute. More recently, he talked about different interview techniques to detect lies, 12 examples of non-verbal communication and how to be aware of body language signals.

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