Mark Latunski: Michigan cannibalistic man sentenced to death for brutally killing and eating Kevin Bacon’s genitals

Disclaimer: This item contains a crime memento and may be disappointing to some. Discretion of readers advised

CORUNNA, MICHIGAN: A Michigan cannibal man has been sentenced to life in prison for brutally murdering and eating the genitals of a college student. Mark Latunski, 52, pleaded guilty in September to the murder of Kevin Bacon, 25, on December 24, 2019, after he was found killed in Latunski’s basement at the Bennington Township home four days later. Latunski and Bacon reportedly met on a dating app called Grindr.


However, after Bacon failed to show up for Christmas breakfast, his family filed a missing person report. Bacon’s roommate later told police he went to meet someone he met on the dating app. Police discovered Bacon, a University of Michigan-Flint student and hairstylist, hanging by his ankles from the rafters of Latunski’s home with a stab in the back and a slit throat. Latunski admitted to stabbing Bacon in the back and later cutting off his testicles and eating them in the kitchen. After being deemed mentally unfit and undergoing months of psychiatric treatment on Thursday, Dec. 15, Latunski appeared before a Michigan judge who sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.



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Bacon’s parents, Pam and Karl Bacon, appeared in court and a statement prepared for Latunski was read on their behalf. ‘In your sick, twisted mind you probably don’t think you’ve done anything wrong,’ Hannah, Bacon’s mother, wrote, adding: ‘This Christmas I hope you suffer like we do,’ Daily Mail reported. . Latunski had several such encounters with police prior to Bacon’s death. In an incident two months before Bacon’s tragic murder, a New York man called 911 after escaping from the cannibal’s basement. “I want you to know I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t know if he drugged me. All I know is I ended up locked in the fucking sub- ground, okay? Chained in the basement,” the New York man said in October 2019.


It’s unclear what happened in that incident, but a few months later police received a call from another victim who fell prey to Latunski. On November 25, 2019, a man told police he escaped from Latunski’s house before running into his neighbor. “I’m trying to get away from a scary guy,” the caller told the dispatcher. “He had me tied up in his basement.” Michael Parks, a neighbor of Latunski, encountered the unidentified victim who was covered in blood on his porch. “He has purple hair, he wears a leather skirt and he has two belts on his chest,” Park said.


“This gentleman grabs my arm in mortal fear [screaming] ‘help me get him out of the way’ shouting at the top of his voice he wants to hurt me, he wants to hurt me.” “Another vehicle comes into my driveway and drives out, I now find out it’s Mark , wearing a leather skirt, belts across his chest, no shoes, no shirt, his beard is braided…a very strange gentleman,” the source said. Police arrested Latunski and no charges were filed. brought against him.

Previously found documents revealed that Latunski was married to a woman named Emily, with whom he had two children. She later asked to have her visitation suspended and cited her diagnosis of major depression, paranoid schizophrenia and traits of a personality disorder in 2010 and 2012, the source said. Latunski went on to marry her ex-husband Jamie Arnold for three years before breaking up with him in September 2019. He claimed he was never aware of her mental illness until July 2019 when he was arrested for failing to pay child support.


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