María Becerra, topless, showed an outline with the Argentinian flag

Demonstrations of support for argentina national team, which after the victory against Croatia reached the final of the World Cup, are given in the most varied and creative way in the world of fashion. Many celebrities choose light blue and white outfits, while others go for artistic makeup. This is the case of Mary Becerra. The look coincides with the release of her new theme The girl from Argentina.

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The singer has already made it known on many occasions that she fanaticism for eyeliners in different formats and now he’s done it again with a very Argentinian reason. The details? At the outer ends of each eye, the typical eyeliner tail has been made cat eye with three bands: two light blue and one white in the middle.

María Becerra surprised with her Argentinian design.  (Photo: Instagram/@mariabecerra)
María Becerra surprised with her Argentinian design. (Photo: Instagram/@mariabecerra)

Always ready for anything when it comes to makeup, she accompanied the original dubbed with bushy and arched false eyelashes and added smalls shiny silver stones in the area of ​​the tear ducts. To leave all the prominence to the gaze, he took the rest of the face natural.

Playful and daring like her alone, not only makeup was the focus of the look. In addition to showing his bet of to put on makeup, posed naked in toplesswith long hair covering her breasts. “What did you think The argentinian girl?” he asked his followers in reference to his new album, also in line with the theme of the look.

From Lali Espósito to Florencia Peña: the world cup looks of the famous

Like Maria Becerra, Lali Esposito he also chose to show his encouragement to Lionel Scaloni’s team through makeup. Travel to Qatar He went to the game against Coracia and showed off through his Instagram Stories with deep blue cat eye eyeliner.

Lali Espósito highlighted her blue eyes for Argentina’s game against Croatia. (Video: Instagram/@lalioficial)

The rest of the look? She accompanied the plan with blush and lip mascara with bright. On the hairstyle side, she chose to wear her hair divided into two braids, one of the trends that is coming back. Sure, the Argentinian shirt could not miss her bet, and she combined it with necklaces of light blue and white pearls, a choker with rhinestones and hoop earrings.

From Argentina, Florence Pena He wasn’t far behind and before the game he shared his World Cup look on Instagram. Making a gesture of “strength”, she posed with a Pastel sky blue high waisted miniskirt and national team jersey tied as a bow crop top.

Florencia Peña posed amused in the Argentina v Croatia preview.  (Picture: Instagram/@flor_de_p).
Florencia Peña posed amused in the Argentina v Croatia preview. (Picture: Instagram/@flor_de_p).

She completed the look with a headband with white and light blue flowers in tullearranged interspersed forming the Argentinian flag.

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