Many praise Jimin’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week and buy Dior products following the announcement of his role as global brand ambassador

It’s been a little over a week since Jimin from BTS was announced as the global brand ambassador of the French luxury fashion house, DIOR. The news caught the attention of fans, fashion designers and executives (Frédéric and Alexandre Arnault, Donatella Versace and Marc Jacobs of Versace); high-end brands (Givenchy, Tiffany, and Co); the press and the general public.

In the space of just one day, official posts shared announcing her appointment set all-time engagement records, and shares of the fashion house hit all-time highs of 789 euros per share. The media shone a spotlight on the subject, highlighting the global power of it boys.

During his first appearance at Paris Fashion Week for the Dior Winter Men show, Jimin was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd and a multitude of journalists. Moreover, it has become a trending topic on social media as well as Google trends. Media and business media reported on the great success of his participation, earning Jimin an earned media value of $16.7 million from his posts in just a few days.

With all these impressive milestones, the fans should not be forgotten, as they were the happiest with this new development. As a result, they took to social media to show off Dior products purchased in support of the idol; some of them decided to buy from Dior and abandon all other brands, while others showed their first purchases of the brand.

There are those who usually want to dress up and own what Jimin has; these, in turn, bought the items he was wearing, from makeup to the outfit/bag he was spotted with at the airport. In addition, fans have asked Dior to introduce Jimin photo cards with special products, as this will guarantee even higher sales. On TikTok, there’s a #DiorxJimin trend with videos of fans unboxing their purchased Dior products thanks to Jimin. Heart Defensor “ThatsHeart”, a popular Filipina YouTube personality, even shared a TikTok with Dior products captioned, “You weren’t kidding with Dior Global Ambassador Jimin photo cards hahaha 🥲.”

On the popular Korean community, TheQoo, netizens also welcomed the news. While many met Jimin at the airport as he departed for Paris, they praised his all-Dior look, as well as his stunning, jaw-dropping appearance at the fashion week event from the outfit, visuals and mannequin pose. There were many posts regarding this trend in the Hot category with thousands of views and comments, among which, for example:

I’m so proud of you.

Jimin is so pretty.

Our Prince Dior is cool, he wears nice clothes.

You survived the ruthless Getty.
Your skin is really beautiful.

The Dior suit you wore today is really good, it’s a human Dior.

Hey, that’s crazy, he’s got great style and he’s a world class star so it’s amazing even knowing he’s popular.

Are there any Dior products you would like to buy now that Jimin is the Global Ambassador? Let us know below.

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