Mammootty apologizes for comments about director Jude Anthony Joseph’s hairstyle

By Express press service

The teaser for filmmaker Jude Anthany Joseph’s upcoming film, 2018, was released to much fanfare by actor Mammootty at an event.

While people have a lot of good things to say about the film’s teaser, which aims to show the humanity that stood up during the devastating floods in Kerala in 2018, the film has run into some unexpected controversy.

As it happens, Mammootty, who praised Jude for his talent, made a passing comment about the filmmaker’s hairstyle. “Even though he has less hair on his head, he’s still smart,” he said.

The veteran actor has been called out by netizens for making such statements in a public forum. Mammootty’s response was swift, and the actor released an official statement on social media regretting his lapse in judgment and thanking fans for pointing out the error.

Mammootty wrote: “Dear All, I’m sorry some of you were offended by the words I used to congratulate director Jude Anthany at the trailer launch for the film ‘2018’. came from enthusiasm, and I make sure to be careful not to repeat such practices. I must thank you all for reminding me of what is right.

This decision by the veteran has received praise.

Meanwhile, Jude Anthany has taken to social media to express his regret that his hairstyle got his favorite star in trouble.

Jude made it clear that he understood Mammootty’s love for him and asked people not to interpret his words of love as words of meanness. He also remarked that people concerned about his hair loss should blame the Bengaluru water supply company and various brands of shampoo.

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