Madhuri Dixit and Kajol inspired this year’s beauty looks for wedding season

90s divas Kajol and Madhuri Dixit continue to be beauty icons today, just as they have been over the years. They’ve served up some great hair and makeup moments this year, so here are the best.

Kajol & Madhuri Dixit’s Best Makeup Moments of 2022

1. Madhuri’s glowing skin and red lips

Madhuri Dixit's best beauty looks of 2022,
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Madhuri’s rosy and flushed cheeks gave off radiant skin here, but the best part was the red lip. Shaded so that the center is lighter and the edges defined with a deeper maroon, this style of lip makeup gives the lips a poutier look. Of course, Madhuri’s gorgeous wavy half updo only added to the look.

2. Kajol’s peach-pink glowy look

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Kajol opted for luminous glass skin with a peach blush with a cream finish for this glowing look. This soft makeup moment was complemented by the subtle smokey eyeshadow, and Kajol’s bright and juicy strawberry pink lipstick completed this summery look beautifully.

3. Madhuri’s winged lining and red lips

Madhuri Dixit's winged liner and red lip beauty look from 2022,
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Madhuri opted for vintage-inspired makeup and hairstyle. Her long black winged eyeliner, glossy red lipstick, and perfectly styled curls were all about that retro charm. Shimmering pale eyeshadow and smooth gold highlighter added a modern sparkle to this otherwise classic look.

4. Kajol’s smokey eye and brown lips

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From her cascading top knot in sleek lengths to her 90s grunge brown lipstick, Kajol went for a pretty cool and contemporary beauty look. Her black smoky eyes added to the drama of the look, but while keeping things chic and edgy.

5. Madhuri’s green eyeshadow and kohl look

Madhuri Dixit's eyeshadow looks of 2022,
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Madhuri’s kohl-lined eye look and glossy brick-colored peach lipstick were already a winning combination. But the soft green eyeshadow lining the kajal helped add an interesting note to the look – its diffused, blended finish works well as a background for Madhuri’s lush lashes.

6. Eyes lined with kohl and hair adorned with Kajol rose

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A beautiful traditional look to pair with Indianwear, it was all about classic elements, be it eyes defined with kajal, a minimalist black bindi, a sleek updo adorned with red roses, or blushed skin with timeless nude lips with bright pink tones.

7. Madhuri’s Glossy Lips and Beach Hair

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Sometimes the simplest makeup looks with minimal bright colors can end up being the most stunning. This look was all about glowing skin that was lit from within and illuminated to perfection. Not only was Madhuri’s skin glowing, but her glossy lip gloss and shiny wavy hairstyle also added to the cool, holiday-like glow.

8. Kajol’s dark red lipstick

Kajol's best beauty looks of 2022,
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Kajol’s hairstyle with a curled section of hair pinned to the side of the crown made for the coolest ponytail look. The lipstick tint was all about it saturated, matte and opaque richness of dark cherry red. So, her minimal matte peach eyeshadow offsets the color of the lips without competing with it for attention, leaving the lips to shine. A masterclass in editing while creating a makeup look, this shows how to let expressive lips be the highlight of a look.

So which are your favorite Kajol and Madhuri looks? Tell us in the comments below.

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