Look and feel your best for the holidays

The holidays are filled with hustle and bustle. With get-togethers, school plays, light shows, decorating your home and so much more, it can be hard to make time to feel your best this holiday season.

But if you can take the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the season with a salon or spa service, you won’t regret it. Now is the time for a little more confidence and relaxation as you prepare to reunite with old and new friends or work around the politics of office parties and family reunions.

Learn more about how to get ready for the holidays with the perfect hairstyle, nail color and a relaxing massage.

Reasons to Book a Salon or Spa Service Close to Vacation

As the holiday season gets busier in these final weeks of the year, stopping to relax at the salon has many benefits. Here are some reasons to book a service to prepare for the holidays.

  • Get ready for the holidays
  • Relax from the stress of shopping
  • Give yourself a gift
  • Prepare to be successful in the new year
  • Take some time for yourself
  • Use part of a year-end bonus as a treat
  • Spend the holidays pampering yourself instead of cleaning or prepping your home

Don’t spend your vacation or vacation days cleaning, cooking, and shopping. Take time for yourself.

Holiday hairstyles

Looking for ideas on how to wear your hair for an upcoming party? Here are some styling ideas.

  1. Complete a classic bun but add a touch of sophistication. With a scrunchie, lift your hair. Then add sober but sophisticated headbands, such as those in pearls or black satin.
  2. Wear your hair in a royal braid with the rest of your hair cascading over your shoulders. You can watch a tutorial to perfect this hairstyle.
  3. Want to do a classic ponytail? Add a velvet bow for a little something extra.
  4. A low bun can look polished and professional. But you can add personality with fresh or artificial flowers to make the hairstyle more ornate. You can pull back a few hairs to frame your face and add loose curls for a bit more elegance.
  5. Allow for a more natural look by wearing your hair in effortless beach waves or curls. How to style curls is up to you, but classic slicked back hair lets you be yourself and can allow long hair to really shine.
  6. Half up, half down is a style that never really goes out of style. It can help keep your hair away from your face if you’re heading to the office or out to dinner. You can make it chic with an embellished clip or a headband.
  7. The French touch is another classic that is enjoying a comeback. But the more modern version is not super finished. It allows some flyaway hairs to hang freely around your face to create a softer, more natural look.

Holiday Nail Colors

Don’t want classic red and green nails? You have so many more options for stylish nail colors this holiday season. Here are some fun ideas to make your nails distinctive.

  • Silver glitter with a holographic finish
  • Champagne
  • emerald
  • Gold
  • Confetti with rainbow highlights
  • Evergreen
  • Smoked or dark gray with some texture

If you want a unique nail design, ask your technician for ideas. Or you can come to A Moment’s Peace Salon & Spa with a nail design you’ve seen on social media or in Google image results. Our qualified team can make your vision a reality.

Find holiday stress relief with a massage

Research shows that 66% of people report higher stress levels during the holiday season. This stress affects many areas of their lives, including sleep, nutrition, and job performance. The causes of extra stress vary from person to person, but some common reasons include:

  • finance
  • family gathering
  • Travel
  • Routine disruptions

Although many of the stressful activities that come with vacations are unavoidable, you can find ways to manage stress effectively. Getting a massage while on vacation is a great way to reduce stress.

Research shows that even a 10-15 minute chair massage can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and salivary cortisol levels. And you will experience a better emotional state in addition to less stress.

Taking time to relax during such a busy season can have a big impact on your enjoyment of what can be a fun time of year.

How to Book a Salon or Spa Service in Franklin, Tennessee

A Moment’s Peace Salon & Spa is now booking holiday sessions. Whether you need the perfect updo for an upcoming party or are ready to relax with a massage after hours of preparation for a family party, our team can help.

Make an appointment online now to feel beautiful, experience peace, and welcome relaxation this holiday season. A Moment’s Peace is located in Cool Springs, TN, close to Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin.

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