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I went there – 2 am, dull scissors in hand, cutting an impulsive DIY hairstyle above the bathroom sink. Sometimes our urge to change our look lasts too long and overflows when our sanity is at its lowest. I can tell you from experience that it’s not a good idea to come to that. If you’ve felt the need to change your look, feel free to act, but be sure to think about it first!

Consult an expert

The most important piece of advice when considering changing up your look is, I can’t say this enough, talk to someone who knows their stuff! This can be difficult if, like me, you like to be frugal. If I can find a way to cut my own hair, do my own acrylic nails, or apply my own spray tan to save some quick cash, I’m all for it. But as someone with little expertise in beauty, it can be disastrous and even dangerous without proper research and training and some things just aren’t worth the risk. In general, I would never attempt a home version of something I’ve never had done by a professional. It’s one thing to give a hairstyle a professional has already done a DIY cut, but a whole new Pandora’s box to start from scratch on a style yourself. If you go for a DIY option, be sure to research what may have long-term effects or dangers.

Find a way to test the change before you pull the trigger

The last time my insatiable urge to cut my own bangs kicked in, I opted to buy a $5 clip-in piece in the style I was considering. While trying on the part, I decided that I really didn’t like the way it looked. This $5 option saved me months of annoyance and regret. I also used clip options before each piercing to make sure it was a look I would enjoy. There’s also a vast virtual world of ways to test your face with different hairstyles and colors, although not all filters are created equal. Find one that looks realistic and experiment with different styles until you find one that suits your skin tone and face shape.

Explore the options available

Our unlimited access to so many beauty tips and ideas is pretty amazing. Something as simple as deciding to get eyebrows or microbladed bangs or eyelash extensions can actually lead to dozens of potential looks depending on who and how it’s done. The beauty of having all of this information at your fingertips is that you can not only narrow down the exact style you want before you walk into a salon, you can actually choose which salon to go to based on its specialty. Looking on the Internet or magazines or talking to friends can help you make more informed decisions about what will work best for you in particular. For example, when considering a new hairstyle, keep your hair type and face shape in mind. For example, if you have fine or flat hair, consider incorporating layers to add volume and depth. If you have a square face shape, consider a hairstyle that features a side part to soften your face.

Be prepared to dislike it

After all that, no matter how much research you do, you still can’t be 100% sure that the results will be anything you might expect. Sometimes the idea of ​​change is better than the reality. But it’s this risk that makes change fun! You have to be willing to try new styles and luckily most things are temporary. Hair grows back, piercings close and clothes can be changed. Most of the time, if you try a new look and end up hating it, it really provided you with a learning experience.

A big part of loving your look is just being confident about it! If you feel good about yourself, others will pick up on that confidence too. Your sense of style is ultimately your own, and if your appearance doesn’t express who you are, then it’s time for a change!

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