Lidl rivals Dyson with its latest hair wonder!

Does your hair lack volume and style? So before running to the hairdresser, go to Lidl to discover this pro brush at a mini price

To spruce up your hair for the holidays, Lidl unveils its lethal weapon. Discover this multifunctional brush that will tame your mane to perfection. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Lidl saves your budget as Christmas approaches

To end the year well, only one address: that of Lidl! The discounter goes to great lengths to save our finances while ensuring that we take advantage of the best offers.

And it is not the latter that are currently missing in stores. For the holidays, the brand has seen things big. No question of depriving yourself, even for small budgets!

Lidl has also thought of the latter, which will be able to offer wonderful toys for their children for less than 15 euros. A good plan to let the joy of your toddlers burst under the tree!

For adults too, the discounter has made great efforts. Coffee lovers rejoicer with this coffee machine with a luxurious design.

Installed in your kitchen, it will prepare your favorite drink every day, at any time of the day. And this for a very attractive price.

Finally, your Christmas cannot go well without preparing a feast. To receive your guests quickly, bet on the quality of Lidl products.

The brand has reserved the best of our region for you to satisfy all gourmets. From appetizer to dessert, amaze your loved ones with luxurious dishes – but whose price (hush!) – is at a very low price.

To ensure your beauty, you can also count on the discounter. This week, find at Lidl a perfect offer to take care of your hair as if a hairdresser showed up at home!

Lidl rivals Dyson with its latest hair wonder!
Lidl rivals Dyson with its latest hair wonder!

A professional quality brush at an affordable price

It is indeed a product that will quickly find its place in your beauty routine. To straighten your hair, curl it or simply tame it, this magic brush is the solution.

Edited by the famous Remington brand, this professional quality brush ensures you an unlimited variety of hairstyles.

It consists of a 50mm thermal round brush, a 30mm brush, a 21mm brush and a styling nozzle.

Thanks to its power of 1000 Wyou will be able to create a thousand and one hairstyles yourself at home in no time.

endowed with a tourmaline ceramic coating, this heating appliance guarantees that you will not damage your hair during work. A plus that will reassure those who fear for their mane.

Finally, the price of this brush sold by Lidl is not an obstacle to tight budgets. Because to have it at home, expect to pay less than 23 euros. A perfect price for this product which does as well as that of Dyson.

This small price is also welcome to make this brush a fabulous gift for Christmas. Slip it under the tree for the person of your choice and expect endless thanks all evening!

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