“Let’s start this week on the right foot”

Nicole Sherzinger

Nicole Sherzinger

Nicole Sherzinger/instagram Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger debuts a new look!

The Masked Singer Pussycat Dolls judge and singer took on her chest-length hair with curls on Monday, while delivering the lyrics to James Brown’s soul classic “I Feel Good” on Instagram.

“Let’s start this week off right. Hope you’re feeling well!” Scherzinger captioned the clip, which also showed her going from no makeup to full makeup in a white dress.

“You literally ALWAYS have the best transitions,” one of her social media followers commented in response to her chic new look.

In September, Scherzinger, 44, chatted with PEOPLE exclusively about her “two to three hour” beauty routine while filming The Masked Singer.

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Although she proudly stated that she worked with “the best hairstylist in the business” on the show, Scherzinger’s process was long as she “always starts and stops” due to her many judging duties.

“I go in, I start prepping the hair. Then I go to a prep meeting with the producers,” Scherzinger revealed of his daily schedule. “I performed on the show this year, so I have to go to the sound check or I have to go to rehearsals if we need to get on stage.”

It was only after that that she was able to sit back and complete her look.

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Nicole Sherzinger

Nicole Sherzinger

Nicole Sherzinger/instagram Nicole Scherzinger

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Although it may seem like an exhausting schedule, the singer admitted that her hair routine was one aspect of her work on The Masked Singer she loved the most.

“I love the show because I get to experiment with a lot of different hairstyles,” Scherzinger said. “I try to change it all the time.”

Scherzinger also admitted that she and Jenny McCarthy “definitely” took a lot longer to prepare for the show than the male judges.

“Guys always have it easy,” she told PEOPLE. “I think Ken [Jeong] just show up and put on a jacket and I think Robin [Thicke] also works at the last minute. They’re not too picky…I think Robin is pickier than Ken,” she added with a laugh. “Obviously it’s Robin Thicke and his gorgeous locks of hair!”

After thinking aloud and talking about it, Scherzinger gave a final verdict: “I think Jenny [McCarthy] actually takes the most time.” She added, “But maybe that’s just because she’s better with her time.”

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