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As we know, the key to beautiful, thick and healthy hair is proper hair care. This should include not only the optimally selected cosmetics for your hair type, but also the foods and supplements you take. In this article, we will discuss the effects of silica on the health and appearance of our hair.

Silica – an indispensable aid for your hair

Food supplements containing silica are distinguished by their versatile effects, but they are especially appreciated by people who want to make their hair healthier and restore vitality.

Excessive hair loss

Silicon promotes healthy hair growth, making it stronger and less falling. Dietary supplements containing silica can inhibit hair loss while contributing to the appearance of new “baby hair”, which in turn leads to effective hair thickening.

The path to beautiful hair

Introducing silicon into your daily diet not only has a positive effect on your health but also on the appearance of your hair. After all, a bright, shiny and vital hairstyle is everyone’s pride and calling card. Silica-based hair supplements are distinguished by their global action, penetrating the hair structure and restoring its beautiful appearance.

Deep Conditioning

Another property that stands out is that silica nourishes and protects the hair structure, which makes silica supplements ideal even for dry or damaged hair. If you frequently use a flat or curling iron, blow dry your hair or color it several times a month, your hair is inevitably deprived of many valuable nutrients. Silica will of course come to the invaluable rescue.

Silicon dioxide for hair – not just supplements

If you want to give your hair a dose of silicon dioxide, you can look for this chemical not only in dietary supplements, but also in other specific types of products. High-silicon shampoos can be found on store shelves or in pharmacies and are known for their beneficial effects on hair care. For more effective results, it is advisable to additionally stock up on silica conditioners, masks or hair treatments.

Your Secret Is dietary supplements – discover the power of silica

Food supplements enriched with silicon dioxide can be found in almost all pharmacies, stationary and online. However, it is essential to remember that only the highest quality can guarantee effective results. So if you’re looking to strengthen, nourish, and thicken your hair, trust Silica supplements from Your Secret Is. In addition to silicon dioxide, they also contain an array of other key ingredients for your hair’s health, which intensify their effects.

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