Last week’s best makeup and hair styles were simply irresistible


here are a few things that can compare to the awesomeness of the holiday season. Unquestionably, one of them is the irresistible glam-up that black women love to undertake right now, which often leaves one in a state of awe. Last week, the glamor game continued as celebrities brought the heat to the makeup and hair category despite falling temperatures. And for sure they delivered once again!

The looks

To put on makeup

Last week, Janet Jackson rocked Instagram with a face beat created by a celebrity makeup artist, Preston. The look played with soft, feminine tones that displayed a truly delicate side of Ms. Jackson. Thanks to her well-defined contour that showed off her strong jawline, her soft eyeshadow that drew you into her eyes, and her peach-colored lips that added a feminine touch. Each element certainly played its part!

At the Babylon movie premiere last week, the musical sensation Kelly Rowland graced the red carpet in a mesmerizing red number by Iris van Herpen. But it was his subtle face beat that earned him a spot on this list for sure. The gaze knowingly mixed with her chocolate-y skin giving off an even and effortless rhythm.


If there’s one thing the best makeup and hairstyles have in common, it’s an insatiable desire for individuality. For example, while Janet Jackson and Kelly Rowland both opted for toned down makeup, each look matched the women’s unique personalities. In the hairdressing department, Chloe Bailey appeared in blonde Ulta-max braids that reflected her authentic vibe in more ways than one.

Check out the best makeup looks and hairstyles we spotted on the stars last week…

Janet Jackson


Kelly Rowland

get the eyes



Osas Ighodaro

Get the wings

Winnie Harlow

Chloe Bailey


Pierre Didi


Linda Osifo

Get the shine

Halle Bailey


Justine Skye

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