Kristin Chenoweth reflects on her recent appearance on Maren Morris’ Humble Quest Tour | New

Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth had a blast performing on Maren Morris’ Humble Quest Tour.

In early December, the award-winning actress joined the “Circles Around This Town” singer on stage to deliver “For Good” from the long-running “Wicked” production. The stacked-in-harmony rendition received thunderous applause during Morris’ stop at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville and made waves on the internet.

Weeks later, Chenoweth still has that momentous moment in mind. The singer took to social media on Wednesday (December 14) to reflect on the special night and express her endless love for the country’s powerhouse.

“Reminiscing about one of the best nights in a while 💗 Love you, @marenmorris. AND love you, Nashville! Chenoweth wrote alongside an Instagram carousel.

Morris described the collaboration as “pure”.

Esteemed musicians and stars flocked to the comments to praise the performance which left ticket holders with goosebumps.

“Um…it was one of the best nights of our lives watching you make Bridgestone swoon❤️,” Natalie Hemby said. “Nashville was vibinnnn that night 💥,” noted celebrity hairstylist Justin Anderson. “I literally couldn’t breathe the whole time you were all singing together. It was magical !!!” added a viewer.

The series of snapshots begins with a treasured shot of the two feeding on each other’s magnetic energy under the spotlight. Chenoweth also took fans behind the scenes, as she shared a preview of their pre-show rehearsal. The post which garnered 11,000 likes on Instagram alone also features her husband and guitarist, Josh Bryant.

During the chill-inducing cover, Morris guest-starred as Elphaba, while Chenoweth sang the role of Glinda. The powerhouse singer was the first to play the good witch of the south and has wowed fans with her stunning talents since the original production opened in 2003. Back then, critically acclaimed actress Idina Menzel scored the main role of Elphaba.

Morris previously revealed that she would like to make her Broadway acting debut one day. In May, she confessed that she wanted to send in an audition tape for “Wicked.” It wasn’t long before the actors rallied behind Morris to encourage him to pursue the theatrical adventure.

“I’m going to send an audition tape for Wicked to Broadway. What the heck? Let’s see what happens,” Morris said on Twitter. she added.

Almost four months later, Morris received an encore for the beloved musical. The hitmaker auditioned with ‘The Wizard And I’ and took to Instagram Stories shortly after explaining why recognition carries such weight.

“You all, I literally don’t care…yes, I don’t care!” If I’m going beyond that reminder, it’s because 14-year-old Maren is achieving something that’s never been within her reach,” Morris said. “It just never seemed possible. So thank you for taking this journey with me. We’ll see where that leads. I’m just very happy. I like Wicked! I like Elphaba! I love Kristin Chenoweth – thank you Kristin, for urging me to lift my spirits and send in a self-tape. I don’t know what to say,” she added gratefully.

Morris has yet to say whether she has scored the role or any additional information regarding the highly competitive process. In the meantime, the hitmaker recently released “Humble Quest: In Rare Form,” a pared-back collection of songs from his record-breaking third studio album. The acoustic project is available for streaming, here.

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