The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency have established the KOCCA Metaverse Fashion Festival 2022 to showcase domestic fashion designer brands in the metaverse until January 31, 2023.

Taking the theme “Fashion & the Metacity”, KMFF 2022 is an exhibition of fashion content held in the virtual world that removes all time and space restrictions. In collaboration with twenty national designer brands, retail platforms and entertainment groups, the festival aims to deliver a new experience with multi-dimensional content that will enhance touchpoints with global customers in the metaverse.

Visitors can access the metaverse using their email accounts through web browsers for PCs and mobile devices without installing any app or program. After creating an avatar that captures their personality and MBTI, users can enter the metaverse world and enjoy a variety of content in three virtual areas: Fashion City, Shopping City, and Enter City.

Fashion City features virtual showrooms of 20 domestic designer brands, each with unique features and creative ideas. Visitors can virtually try on clothes in each brand’s showroom and purchase them through retail channels. Limited editions for the metaverse world are also available.

The creators who will be presented during the event will be:

BEMUET(TE) @bmuette

[email protected]besfxxk_fashion_official


BONBOOM @__bonbom

[email protected]ceeann_official


DEW E DEW E @dewe.dewe_official

DOCAN @doucan_official

[email protected]​​eenk_official

GOURMAND @gourmand_official

KICHELEEHE @kicheleehe

LYING @liecollection_

OPEN PLAN @open concept

SEOKWOON YOON @seokwoonyoon

[email protected]setsetset_official

THE K STUDIO @thestudiok_official

UL:[email protected]ulkin_official

WNDERKAMMER @wunderkammer_official

YUGADANG @yugadang

Shopping City is designed for retail platforms such as EQL, The Hyundai Seoul, and Hankyu Osaka. Users can shop anytime, anywhere in EQL and Hankyu Online online stores. They can also attend fashion shows of 20 brands in collaboration with the Gost agency which represents global fashion models, including Hyunji Shin, Heejung Park, Sohyun Jung and Xumeen.

Enter City enhances the party through various shows and events. Programs include Concept Korea New York, a fashion show supported by KOCCA, a performance by K-pop artist Hyolin created by SKT ifland, and a variety of K-pop content provided by CJ ENM.

KMFF 2022 will begin life in the metaverse but also exist in the real world with a planned selection of various offline events and pop-up stores at Hyundai Seoul (December 29, 2022 – January 11, 2023) and Hankyu Osaka Department Boutique (from 4 to January 10, 2023). The pop-up store will offer a real-life interpretation of virtual shopping space with a visual art tower, branded showrooms and promotional opening events for participating designers. In particular, a special event will be held at Hankyu Osaka department store with South Korean international model Heejung Park and six Korean brand designers for a special promotion in Japan.

For more information about KMFF 2022, please visit the official website www.kmff2022.com

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