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As far back as I can remember, there has always been a stigma around dandruff. We’ve all seen it in shows and movies where someone with white snowflakes falling out of their hair is seen as the dirty, indifferent person who no one wants to be next. The truth is that those with dandruff usually have to go the extra mile in their shower routine to try and maintain some control over their itchy scalp, of course looks might lead you to believe a different story. There’s nothing sexy about dandruff; even shampoo bottles have a way of adding injury to insult by being branded in the coolest way. But the latest launch from Kim Kardashian’s favorite brand, Ouai, shows that’s no longer the case with their new dandruff shampoo.

Having a flaky scalp is downright uncomfortable, and it doesn’t help having it, making you incredibly embarrassed in the process. Let’s get one thing straight: dandruff is not a representation of poor hygiene, and it can happen to anyone. It can be caused by a range of reasons, including dry skin, cold, allergies, and other medical conditions. Not only can this be embarrassing, but with so many products promising effective results, it’s confusing to deal with. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin discovered Ouai’s last straw may have just come out, but she’s already standing out from the herd with her impressive array of hero ingredients.

Courtesy of Ouai.

Ouai anti-dandruff shampoo $36

Dandruff shampoo includes 2% salicylic acid to reduce flaking, itching, irritation, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis without drying out the scalp. Your scalp produces natural oils that are needed to prevent a loss of moisture in your hair follicles, so it’s extremely important to have a shampoo that will target your dandruff issues but won’t leave your scalp stripped of oils, like this one does.

It also contains propanediol caprylate, which works to prevent dandruff from causing bacteria by “creating a diversion to attract and break down overactive sebaceous glands,” according to a press release from the brand. Another must-have ingredient is its use of mild surfactants and conditioning agents that soothe the scalp and keep your hair soft, smooth and hydrated with every use.

Unlike other dandruff shampoos that force you to hide before someone comes to visit, it shares the same aesthetic packaging that Ouai is known for, which you’re sure to want to show off proudly in your shower, considering of its elegance.

The fragrance is another standout feature that we praise for its incorporation of the Cape Town brand fragrance, which combines ginger, basil and spearmint for a fresh scent with a woody note of green fig and tomato leaves.


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