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Kenya Moore

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Kenya Moore ushers in the new year with a stunning hairstyle.

This week the The Real Housewives of Atlanta The star debuted her new hair color for fans. A video obtained by The shadow room captured mother-of-one flaunting spilled auburn red 70s hairstyle. Moore, 51, also opted for pretty bangs that toned down her high cheekbones and sparkling smile.

We love this look on the reality TV star. But sadly, a few naysayers on social media didn’t resent Moore’s chic.

“She’s always been a beautiful woman but this style is a no for me,” one user wrote on Instagram. While another person commented, “Maybe it’s the style + the tone, but it just doesn’t suit her.”

A few users felt the color made Moore look older than her actual age. One social media user wrote, “It aged her like 15. I do not like it.

Kenya Moore chats with HelloBeautiful about the inspiration behind her haircare brand

Haters will always hate, but it never hurts to try something new, and Kenya Moore is certainly not afraid to take a risk. In September, the actress and animated entrepreneur spoke with Hello beauty discuss the inspiration behind its growing line of hair care.

Empowerment and confidence are central to the philosophy of the busy star’s buzzing brand, which has made waves for its hair conditioner and growth repair shampoo. The versatile shampoo can be used to wash and replenish all natural hair types, from tight curls to curly curls.

“You should be proud of the hair sticking out of your head, period — point blank,” she shared. “We can wear wigs, we can wear protective styles, we can wear braids, we can wear our hair red, green, orange, purple, blue – you name it. And all this can be expressive and fun styles. These can be styles that you feel like wearing that day. But at the end of the day, you shouldn’t wear them out of necessity because you’re ashamed of your damaged or broken hair underneath.

Moore also revealed two key components behind the brand’s floury hair care products.

“We use ingredients that no one else has, or consistently have, in their products. Like bamboo water, Abyssinian oil – which actually outperforms argan oil,” said the Atlanta native, “It’s a signature product that we use in all of our formulations and products because we know how well these two ingredients work together.”

“We never make a claim that is false,” she added. “We are over 96% natural – I have other products that are 100% natural as well.”

What do you think of Kenya’s new hairstyle? Tell us below!


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