Kao study reveals how salon visits pay off for wellness

More than a haircut – Kao study reveals how salon visits pay off for personal well-being

  • The survey asked salon customers aged 18 and older who visit the hairdresser at least once every quarter. The result: A visit to the salon not only pays off on the outward appearance, but also fulfills important social and psychological functions and contributes to people’s inner well-being.
  • For a third of UK respondents surveyed, visiting the hairdresser to feel confident is the main reason they go for a new hairstyle next, while 70% feel a boost of confidence immediately after a visit to the salon.
  • More than half (52%) of respondents say they value relational qualities with the hairdresser, such as trust, loyalty and empowerment.
  • 57% of respondents say they want to maintain what they spend on a visit to the hairdresser despite the current economic situation.
  • With the survey, Kao, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of salon products, is launching a campaign to strengthen the salon industry which also includes a mini-documentary produced for Kao by BBC StoryWorks, showing how the craftsmanship of a hairstylist creates trust – for both the stylist and the client. [1]

London/Darmstadt, December 5, 2022: The hair salon industry has proven to provide vital services to communities across the country, which was particularly evident during the pandemic. However, the sector which currently has an annual turnover of £5.5 billion in the UK and has 150,000 employees, has suffered the consequences of the pandemic and is additionally facing a drop in apprenticeships and challenges in the main street. [2] At the same time, the industry has collectively earned a lot of respect during the crisis. To build on this and further enhance the reputation of the hair salon industry, consumer goods company Kao, home to leading professional hair care brands Goldwell, KMS and Oribe and the world’s fourth largest provider of hair salon products, also commissioned a YouGov survey as a film produced by BBC StoryWorks to highlight the social and psychological benefits of salon visits and highlight the importance of the hairdressing profession.

The survey reveals that almost 70% of the population consider salon visits a vital opportunity to take care of themselves, and 51% consider the relationship they have with their hairdresser to be as close as that of a friend. 51% of respondents enjoy their visit to the salon the same as before the pandemic, while 34% enjoy the service even more than before the pandemic. The results provide insight into the overall social relevance of an industry that offers more than just a haircut.

Maintaining a relationship with the hairdresser is a central factor when the British consumer chooses a salon. Nearly 60% of respondents felt that their hairdresser cares about them as a person and accepts them as they are. More than 40% feel that they share a bond with their hairdresser that goes beyond the provision of a service.

“The profession of hairdresser should be given more value,” says Peter F. Pfister, president of the international professional association Intercoiffure Mondial. “One thing is clear: hairdressers are masters of their trade. At the same time, they bring a high level of passion, creativity and empathy to their clientele. When people go to the salon, they’re not just paying for a good haircut, but also to “get pampered” or to “get away from it all”.

Dominic Pratt, Global President of Kao Salon Division, comments: “The survey results confirm that hairdressing is more than just a skill: it’s about relationships and giving people an offer that makes them happy. makes you feel good outside and inside. The pandemic has hit the business hard, at the same time it has shown how much people value the services and trusting relationships they have with their hair salons. We want to show that the industry not only has economic value, but also social value and how fulfilling working in this profession is.

As part of their efforts to elevate the reputation of the show industry, Kao also released a mini-documentary produced for Kao by BBC StoryWorks. The film features two of Kao Salon Division’s partners; interview the owners who powerfully tell what inspires them on a daily basis, how they perceive their own role and why the profession is so fulfilling. At the same time, the film reveals how customers perceive their visit to the hair salon as an act of self-care that contributes not only to their outward appearance, but also to their inner well-being.

According to the National Federation of Hairdressers (NFBH), there were over 46,000 hair and beauty salons in the UK in 2020 with an annual turnover of around £5.5 billion. [3] Following the pandemic, the growth rate in the number of hairdressing, barbering and beauty businesses has been slower than in previous years. Only around 6,600 people started a hairdressing and barbering apprenticeship in England in 2020/21, compared to around 7,000 in 2019/20. This is a decrease of 9% compared to the previous year. Current inflation – and in particular the rising cost of living and energy prices – will create new economic challenges.

Nevertheless, this survey shows that despite the current economic situation, more than half (57%) say they want to spend as much money as before to go to the hairdresser.

Pratt adds, “As a company that supplies more than 40,000 salons around the world, we have made it our mission to provide education and inspiration for the hairdressing profession in addition to products and service concepts from high quality, thus allowing a first-class customer experience. We see ourselves as a partner to our salon clients and the industry as a whole. Our goal is to raise awareness of this large and important industry.

This sentiment is echoed by Pfister who added: “This type of customer retention needs to become more important in the future – professional service needs to gain appreciation as the pandemic has also exposed the economic hurdles in the industry. . To support the fairs, but also to attract young talents to the industry, Kao as a company makes an important contribution by providing first-class products and services. On the one hand and focusing on the current needs of the hairdressing profession on the other hand, to advance the industry as a whole.

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“Confidence Through Craftsmanship” produced for Kao by BBC StoryWorks “In Pursuit of Wellness” series presented by the Global Wellness Institute

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