Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 designs for Toji and young Gojo sends fans into an uproar

The Jujutsu Kaisen Jump Super Stage turned out to be a huge success at Jump Festa 2023, revealing critical information regarding the anime’s long-awaited second season, which is slated for release in 2023. Fans were initially skeptical of the event since promotion of the upcoming season by Studio MAPPA. was disappointing at best.

However, the announcements made during the Super Stage Event seem to have sated fans for now. This is especially good news for viewers who got to see a first look at Toji, who will play a major role in Season 2.

Twitter fans go crazy after Jujutsu Kaisen Unveils New Character Designs for Toji, Young Gojo, and Geto at Jump Festa 2023

Revelations made during the event

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The Jujutsu Kaisen The Super Stage event confirmed that season 2 will begin airing in July 2023, making the anime part of the summer 2023 lineup. The event also revealed the character designs for the first arc to adapt in Season 2, which revolves around Gojo’s time as a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, taking viewers 11 years into the past.

The designs featured Gojo, Geto, and Ieri in their custom Jujutsu High uniforms. Additionally, it also showed the Six Eyes Wizard sporting a different hairstyle and wearing round sunglasses instead of his blindfold. The teaser and artwork also revealed Toji Fushiguro for the first time, reassuring fans that MAPPA has stuck to Toji’s portrayal in the manga.

character designs for Gojo Satoru, Geto Suguru and Ieiri Shoko for Jujutsu Kaisen SEASON 2 JJK S2 airing July 2023 https://t.co/QzKEDSKjLl

How fans reacted

Jujutsu Kaisen fans began flooding Twitter with tweets expressing their excitement at finally having a release date for the anime’s second season. Most fans were expecting the anime to get a fall 2023 release date in October, so the confirmation of a July release date came as a pleasant surprise.

Many fans have said that July is the perfect time for the anime to start streaming as it will give them time to catch up with the manga’s current arc. Meanwhile, others have pointed out that the release date will be perfect for the animation of the Shibuya Incident The arc will begin in October, which will correspond to the events in Shibuya that occurred on October 31, 2017.

Viewers were very excited to get a visual for Toji, especially since fans were initially disappointed with Toji’s absence from key visuals in Season 2. Many fans have already started highlighting the iconic fight between Toji and Gojo, which will be animated in the first one. half of the next anime episode.

Gojo’s relatively casual hairstyle also led fans to anticipate the release of the character design for a younger Nanami, who would also appear in the flashback arc, being Gojo’s junior at Jujutsu High.


To finish, Jujutsu Kaisen fans are excited even though they admit that the back-to-back two-course broadcast will make the upcoming season extremely intense for viewers, especially with the Gojo’s past arc passing abruptly in the Shibuya Incident bow. This is bound to be both shocking and exciting for viewers who are unaware of the disaster that will unfold in the second half of Season 2.

this is what tl will look like once jjk s2 starts streaming https://t.co/3hlUuQW7ZJ

really loved how the JJK S2 PV introduced Gojo, Geto and Riko as characters bound by fate and then Toji as the one who broke their chains of fate 👌 https://t.co/zo7LxwFGFY

me when i get excited for jjk S2 but suddenly i remember shibuyahttps://t.co/9txYhl5NzX

I know it’s taboo to say but what if they drop a jjk s2 pv in jump festa.. https://t.co/CGbnFpyIUT

Final Thoughts

Jujutsu Kaisen Illustration by Gege Akutami for Jump Festa 2023 https://t.co/8YLdSAZCyG

Jujutsu Kaisen has yet to announce the voice actors who will portray Riko Amanai and Toji, which will likely get fans even more excited. Additionally, mangaka Gege Akutami’s special illustration for Jump Festa 2023 featuring Yuji and Takaba was well received by fans. However, some fans were more curious about the ambiguous announcement in Akutami’s letter revealed at the very end of the Super Stage event.

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