Jenna Ortega’s Hairstylist Reveals the Secrets of the Star’s New ‘Do’

From Disney kid to horror movie star and now everyone’s favorite Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega has literally taken over Hollywood in recent years. After gaining tons of buzz and traction for her starring role in the new Netflix series, Wednesday the 20-year-old star has gotten used to having all eyes on her. After appearing on The show tonight with a bold new chop, many fans were curious to find out how the celeb went about her transformation. Luckily, Ortega’s hairstylist David Stanwell shared all the details about our beloved’s new look on Wednesday.

Stanwell began, of course, by quickly chopping Ortega’s hair, achieving a kind of sketchy, shaggy wolf cut. Next, the stylist walked in with the brand’s Authentic Beauty Concept Amplifying Mousse ($25) and Beachy Texture Spray ($25) while the star’s hair was wet then “brush-dried by directing the hair in all directions.” the senses”, creating this mess. , textured appearance. To accentuate the look, Stanwell then used a curling iron to create “rough” curves and add more movement to the hair.

Next, he used the Authentic Beauty Concept Airy Texture Spray ($25) and “blew the hair around” to further heighten the intentionally shaggy, messy ‘do. To finish, Stanwell used Authentic Beauty Concept Shaping Cream ($25) and Solid Pomade ($25) “to keep this look piecey and effortless and to make sure it would hold all night.”

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