Inspired by the Pharaohs, this mega-rich Brazilian wanted to bury his 310,000 pound Bentley with him. WHY?

By Ritesh Mishra
By Ritesh Mishra

I am a proud organ donor who is committed to organ donation. The commitment was made to celebrate my 51st birthday, and my wife Milly joined me in this noble cause because we are both convinced of the urgency of organ donation where one person can save eight lives. The pledge was made by us because we want to live beyond, love beyond, and not just receive the gift of a life well lived, but give more of it.

We humbly ask everyone to take the pledge for organ donation or whole body donation.

Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, (now called Scarpa) who was one of the richest men in Brazil, announced that inspired by the pharaohs he wanted his 310,000 pound Bentley to be buried with him so he could drive with style in its afterlife.

What is the link with the cause of organ donation? Continue reading.

Scarpa said he wanted his Bentley buried with him. This caused a lot of consternation and people were very angry even at this selfishness of the tycoon, urging him to sell his expensive car and donate it instead. Scarpa flat out refused and was adamant to go ahead with his idea, which he called revolutionary.

He even said that he was used to a comfortable car and that he wanted to have an equally comfortable car for his afterlife and that after working so hard to earn so much money, he was entitled to it. He refused to listen to any logic to the contrary and instead said he wanted lots of publicity and lots of people to see this feature. He also posted details on his Facebook page.

Scarpa even ordered to dig a huge pit for the car. In an elaborate ceremony, the car was prepared to be lowered to the ground. An angry media prepared to go live nationwide so no one would do something so outlandish again.

Moments before it was done, Scarpa stopped his lowering and said it was all just a stunt. He then asked everyone, you all wanted to donate my car, but is it more important than the heart or the eyes or the kidneys or the liver? He said he timed his stunt to coincide with National Organ Donor Week and planned the stunt to raise awareness.

Scarpa’s campaign was a huge success and there was a 31.5% increase in organ donation in Brazil.

Do we need a Scarpa to make us realize this brutal truth, that we will not take our organs with us into the afterlife. Do we not remove expensive jewelry, chains, bracelets and watches from the bodies of our loved ones so that they can be useful to those who live? However, we do not pawn our organs, which are infinitely more valuable and which can save anyone’s life. Let’s do it.

“Angdaan karle maanav, bhagwan ban jaoge”. These beautiful words are part of the lyrics of a song sung by Udit Narayan, with lyrics by Nilesh Bhai Mandlewala, Founder and President of Donate Life. It means giving organs so that by giving life, from man you become GOD. Donate Life is an NGO that has taken up the noble cause of organ donation and is spreading the need and awareness for organ donation. He has set admirable standards of transparency and commitment to this cause. Nilesh Bhai himself has sacrificed his whole life for the lives of others and is an inspirational personality. Will write a separate blog about Donate Life and him only.

Getting back to the point, we always compare ourselves to Western nations. Do we know that we only have 0.5 donors per million inhabitants, while the corresponding figure for Spain, the United States and Croatia is 36, 27.2 and 35. Can we not not try to increase the number? Join us in this mission.

I will end this blog by making the distinction between organ donation and whole body donation. Both are noble missions. One is for life and the other is for science. In body donation, the entire body is donated to a medical school for scientific research and for teaching medical students. Jyoti Basu and Nanaji Deshmukh are two famous people who donated their whole body. Likewise, many famous people have taken up organ donation and taken the pledge. Some of them are Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Madhavan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Vijay Deverakonda and many more.

We often like to imitate celebrities and famous people. We want to copy their hairstyle, their clothes and their sunglasses. Can’t we copy them for their noble decision to go for organ donation or whole body donation.

The organ donation pledge can be taken by anyone, rich and poor. If it is taken by an extremely poor person, hasn’t he proved that he is extremely rich.

Five million people die each year in India from a lack of donors. For those who need the most precious gift of sight. the number increases to ten lakh.

Let’s try to solve this problem by making the commitment. We did it, we ask you to do it too. Let’s live a life, an afterlife. Friendships and greetings to all.

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