“I’m a single mother patiently waiting for Mr. Right” – Rising Actress, Kudirat Ogunro

Kudirat Ogunro is one of the rising actresses in the Yoruba film industry. In addition to being an actress, she got involved in the sale of medicinal plants and this is how she received the name “Kudi Alagbo”. In this interview with MUTIAT LAWORE, Kudi talked about the journey so far, dealing with herbs among other issues. Extracts

To begin with, how did acting begin for you?

It’s been over 12 years. First, Iyabo Ojo is my boss. I went from hairdressing to acting. I love acting so I learned from Iyabo Ojo.

She had a salon in Ilupeju and I was one of her hairdressers at the time. I like her films a lot, so I approached her one day and told her, I have an interest in acting and she advised me and made me experience what it entailed. Of the,

I started following her to places and helping her with things. One day she called me and told me that they would give me scripts, I was really surprised. She even gave me the main role in the film, I was more than surprised.

I did it so well and that’s how my journey began. I played alongside Liz Da Silva in 2009; I made it so real and they were impressed. I’m still doing my job as a barber and selling herbs while playing.

How did you juggle business, theater and motherhood?

It was not easy because playing takes a lot of time. I love money very much and that’s why I work so hard to earn my money. So far I have produced 3 movies, She Boy, Okan Dudu and Abomination.

Let’s talk about your weed traffic?

My real name is Kudirat Ogunro, it was when I started the herb business that people started calling me Kudirat Alagbo. I was born and raised in an Agbo business family. It’s a family affair, we all know a lot about herbs and roots; my maternal grandparents were in the grass.

All my sisters also sell herbs and my mother does too. I’ve been selling since I was little, but my love for acting took me away from the business for a while, but I returned to it during the pandemic.

Let me explain everything to you one by one. The hairstyle stuff started when I was in school I got pregnant people kept giving me this funny

staring down the street wondering why i got pregnant while i was still in school and normally the crowd at the herbalist is usually big and they kept giving me an unusual look and it was getting very embarrassing for me. That’s how I stopped going to herbalism, then I went to learn hairdressing. After having my baby, the first store I went to work as a skilled hairdresser was Aunt Iyabo Ojo’s store and that’s how my journey in the film industry began. Then during the pandemic, I hate being idle, I’m a hardworking person, I love working and I hate being a liability to anyone, so I decided to do something useful with my time. I have an Instagram account for selling wigs, so I changed the name to Kudi Alagbo.

My mother also encouraged me, she said that people who don’t even know much about herbs sell it, tell more about me who has vast knowledge about it, I know a lot about roots and the herbs. That’s how I picked up my phone, made a video about unveiling the herb trade, immediately people started ordering and paying for herbs and that encouraged me a lot. That’s how the herb business started and it’s been a year since I started the business.

The herb trade is extensive; what are you focusing on? In fact, I am not selling a particular product; I treat people with different ailments, and before that, I ask about the disease or ailment before prescribing herbs to clients.

.I don’t soak the herbs; I sell roots and leaves to patients. Once a patient arrives, I tell him to go see a doctor, to do a test; after the result, i can tell the person the ideal herbs to take to cure that particular disease. I also check, if the patient has taken medicine prescribed by the doctor, he will have to finish using it first, because you cannot mix the two. We treat arthritis, typhoid, malaria, diabetes and many other illnesses that are not even common.

So aside from being a family business, did you go and learn about herbs elsewhere before you fully started the business?

I was born there, and when I was little I followed my mother everywhere, so I already have a vast knowledge of roots and herbs.

Also, sometimes, when I encounter somewhat difficult cases, my mother is with me; I consult her because she always sells herbs and roots too. So I’m covered everywhere, I’m grounded in what I do.

What is your best-selling weed? These are mainly sex enhancement products for men with weak or no erection and for women with zero or low libido.

We have the best products that will allow you to act quickly. You talked about having a child at a very tender age, so do you plan to settle down soon?

There are no men outside (laughs!). I’m just praying for a good man to come my way. I wait patiently; God’s timing is the best. How are you doing as a single mom and what advice do you have for single moms?

This has not been easy. If I say it was easy, I’m a big liar. If I start reflecting on my life journey right now, I will be so in tears. Was it when my baby was only a few weeks old and I supported her and mowed her ewedu (vegetables) or when I was washing dishes in an amala joint in Yaba in order to have two meals a day ?

Or was it when my mother kicked me out of the house, and my daughter and I had to put up with my friends who were already seven in a small room?

But I thank God for his strength and for how I was able to get through this with hard work and determination.

Does she want to be an actress like you one day?

No, she doesn’t like to play at all. But she is very hardworking like me and takes good care of me. Sometimes when I tell her to follow me places, she flat out refuses me.

What has been your most difficult film so far?

It is titled Tembilli. It’s an old-school comedy, not my personal film.

I played a secondary role in the film and the role was very difficult for me. Switching from one character to another has not been easy at all You launched your book some time ago; Does this mean that you go from being a film producer to that of an author?

I would say it’s a mandate! I always had in mind that one day I will share my life story for the world to read. I know the best channel is to put it in writing to make it available to young people in elementary and high school, to shape their lifestyles.

How did you find the title, Kudi Alagbo: an Egba warrior with plant powers?

It’s about my beginnings, my race and my journey. I was born into a family where all they make is herbs.

As a child, when the others took tea in the morning, we took hot and bitter herbs; and it has been part of me since childhood.

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