I’m a hairstylist and there are the four trends I would never do – I don’t care how effective dry shampoo is, that’s a huge no

FROM soaking your hair in coconut oil to using socks for the perfect heat-free curls, there are hundreds of hair trends that have taken the internet by storm.

But as viral as they are, should you rush to try them? Are any of them beneficial or just a fad? A hair ace took to TikTok to share her opinion – and you might want to hear what she had to say…

Keturah shared her thoughts on TikTok and received a mixed response


Keturah shared her thoughts on TikTok and received a mixed responseCredit: TikTok/@keturahsvanityofficial
It's the holy grail for many - but the hair pro advised avoiding dry shampoo


It’s the holy grail for many – but the hair pro advised avoiding dry shampooCredit: TikTok/@keturahsvanityofficial

Keturah, better known to her fans as Keturah’s Vanity Official, said there are four trends and products to avoid.

According to the Chicago-based pro, the number one mistake people make is not washing their hair often enough.

In her video, Keturah said she just doesn’t understand this trend of going shampoo-free days.

“If your hair is dirty, wash it.

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“I’m not saying start washing it again every day,” she added, explaining that many of them rely on dry shampoo too often.

”It was never meant to be used every day.”

It’s perhaps no surprise that the hairstylist also described dry shampoo – a staple for many – as the worst product “ever”.

But, she warned, you also need to be careful about the regular shampoos you buy — and that’s bad news if you’re a fan of popular OGX shampoos.

Although they may smell divine, Keturah would never waste her money on their hair products.

Finally, the hair genius addressed the viral hair oil trend that most of us have tried at least once.

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Contrary to what beauty fans might assume, Keturah said it wasn’t a cure.

“You haven’t done anything but add a bit of shine…that doesn’t make your hair grow out either. ”

She added in another video: “People throw the whole bucket over their hair and then they can’t figure out why they’re bald.”

Hearing Keturah’s pro opinion, social media users flocked to the comments to share their thoughts — and it looks like she’s not the only one not jumping on the no-wash trend.

One exclaimed, “I never understood the ‘trend’ of not washing your hair.”

Another agreed, writing, “I’m sick of washing my hair once a week like it just gets dirty and builds up on your scalp, just wash it off!”

Someone else was less than impressed with his recommendations and replied, “I use coconut/castor oil/vitamin/tea tree oil for the hair masks.

”My hair has grown 18 inches in a year. That works. Sorry.”

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A fourth recommended a DIY dry shampoo recipe: “The great alternative to dry shampoo is cornstarch! with a little pure cocoa powder mixed in for dark hair.

“healthier and works the same. ”

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