I tried to book my appointment at BeautyBuddy and here’s how it went

I don’t know about you, but self-care and self-care are activities that I enjoy. There are a couple of things I like to do once in a while just for that extra boost of confidence. And am I the only one who thinks that a new hairstyle or freshly painted nails can instantly change my mood? Or that some days you just need a massage to de-stress? But as someone with a busy schedule, it’s sometimes quite easy to forget to take time for yourself. There were even a few times I made an appointment, only to forget and not show up. Ouch!

With the ever-changing beauty and wellness industry in the Philippines, a new tech start-up aims to manage its customers’ bookings by providing a portal where they can browse different salons, services and styles and book appointments. you in an instant. Founded in 2022, BeautyBuddy is an all-in-one digital management and marketing platform for salons, hair salons, spas and aesthetic centers in the Philippines.

You can book your appointment through their website. The site has a menu of different styles, services, stylists, and salons for customers to choose from. Their current partners include Basement Salon, Beauty & Butter Nail Salon, Spray and many more which you can check out on their website. They are also working on integrating other brands that customers can choose from.

I tried to book myself through the app and this is how it went:

Booking process

Beauty Buddy has undoubtedly succeeded in making appointment booking easy and convenient for its clients. All I had to do was go to their site, create an account and start browsing the services they offer. Once I have decided where I want to book – I chose Basement Salon, the app then takes you to choose from the services offered by the salon. This page has all the services listed with their prices and an estimate of how long the process will take. Once you’ve chosen, booking is as simple as adding the type of service you want to the basket. BeautyBuddy then gives you the option to choose your favorite stylist (or none) from the salon staff and prompts you to choose a schedule based on their availability.


Once my booking was complete, I received a confirmation message from BeautyBuddy with my appointment details. And like a true “beauty buddy,” they sent me a reminder on the day of the appointment. This is made possible thanks to the personalized communication functionality, specific to each customer account.

The appointment

Walking into my appointment and immediately starting my service was awesome. I’ve had one or two unpleasant experiences where I had to wait despite having a reservation because my favorite stylist is always with another client, so I was thankful I didn’t have any wait time. The service at the basement lounge was nothing but amazing. As a salon known for hair coloring services, I had to try this for myself. I needed a color refresh and life to my hair and they managed to do it. The staff were absolutely attentive and made sure to provide the best level of service. And the best head massage too! I left the salon more than satisfied with my new color, especially the softness and silkiness of my hair.

All in all, BeautyBuddy just might be your new best friend and go-to for all your beauty booking needs.

To try it yourself, visit www.beautybuddy.com.ph. Follow BeautyBuddy on Facebook and @beautybuddycom on Instagram to stay up to date.

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