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OWhen it comes to hair trends and treatments that promise soft, shiny locks, I tend to steer clear. The oil glands in my scalp work hard and my washes tend to last an absolute maximum of three days – well, to be fair, I can do four days, but I’d wear a naturally slicked up bun (no product) the latter day. So when I heard about the “treatment buns” taking over TikTok, I was understandably skeptical about trying it on my own hair. The trend is to apply a mask or treatment to your hair and put it back in a bun, allowing the product to fully absorb into the hair over the course of a day before rinsing it out.

But even a beauty editor like me isn’t immune to the power of virality. Could this work on my oily scalp and strands? To find out, I called in the experts. “Anyone can benefit from the right treatment for their hair,” shares Adam Livermore, professional hairstylist and Oribe Global Educator. “You really want to know your ingredients. If you choose the wrong treatment for the situation, you might cause damage, but even if you don’t, you might miss a great opportunity. You need to know if the hair needs to be hydrated, repaired or both.

Tatiana Ramos, hairstylist and national educator for Pureology, agrees with those sentiments and has some great advice for those who are hesitant to try a treatment bun for themselves. “Test it first on a day when you have to clean your house or run a bunch of errands and wash it thoroughly,” she suggests. “You don’t want to leave that in your hair for more than a day!” It is useless at this time. »

Based on my hair (oily at the scalp, colored with highlights, drier at the ends, and lots of fine strands), the two suggested looking for a mask or treatment that would protect and enhance the color, strengthen and repair the damage, and add softness and shine without weighing down my fine hair. While many people on TikTok opt for bond-repairing Olaplex formulas for their TikTok buns, I opted for Pureology Color Fanatic Multitasking Deep Conditioning Mask ($41), which I knew met the recommendations of pros.

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What Happened When I Tried A Treatment Bun

To start, I dampened my hair with a spray bottle and brushed it to detangle it. Then I applied about a quarter of the amount of Pureology mask from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair, where it was driest (I was very careful not to touch my roots and I I kept the product at least two inches below the scalp). After gently combing out the product, I twisted my hair into a low bun slightly below the nape of my neck and secured it with a silk scrunchie. (“I always recommend using a satin hair scrunchie or a very stretchy hair tie to hold the hair in place and not stress the hair,” Ramos shares.)

As I tend to be oilier, I left the mask on for about 6 hours (on the slightly shorter side for the treatment bars). I followed this with a double shampoo (which I always do, grooming bun or not) and a small amount of my usual conditioner. Out of the shower, my hair was silky smooth, but I still wasn’t completely sold; I had to wait and see how it dried and held.

As I write this, three full days later, my hair has held up surprisingly well. Not only did my locks feel soft, nourished and smooth, but my scalp responded surprisingly well too. less greasy since the mask (maybe greasy was a sign of severely dehydrated hair). My hair is light and still has volume, but with the added benefit of brilliant shine, I thought it was just impossible to achieve hair like mine.

Both pros suggested doing a treat bun once a week or so, but I think sticking to every other week is ideal for me. Not only is the method very effective, but it is also very chic, making it as portable in public as it is in the comfort of your own home.

“There’s something really cool about a look like this sleek updo that works just as well for a night out event as it does for the sauna,” Livermore says. Good masking!

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