‘I can fly to you and get almost anything back – for £10,000’

During the World Cup, Brazilian player Neymar reportedly brought his hairdresser to Qatar to ensure his hairstyle suited one of the best centre-forwards on the planet. It was a big expense, but for him, quite affordable. According to Josh Wood, hairstylist to the stars, it might have been worth it.

“I think anyone in the public eye today gets scrutinized for how they look,” Wood says. “Does a bad haircut mean you’re not feeling good, maybe you’re not performing as well as you should? Does it give the watching world the perception that you’re not as good or as professional as you should be?

“There are a lot of really amazing hairdressers around the world, and if someone has established a personal relationship with one, and there’s trust, and you feel confident when that person cuts you and you haircut, so, well, I would. don’t stay in a place of judgment if you then feel it necessary to airlift that person wherever you are. For many people, a haircut is much more than a easy haircut.

Wood has been a hairstylist and colorist for three decades now. Originally from Barnsley, Yorkshire, he is 54 and runs a salon in London. Over the years he has worked with David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Saoirse Ronan and Elle Macpherson. Dates with him are in the range of £1,000, while for £10,000 he will fly to anyone who needs him urgently.

“I did Kylie’s hair for an album, Body language, but Elle, with whom I have been working for twenty years now, since she left Australia for England. The relationship you build with people is all about trust,” he says.

“Most of my clients are women, they have children, and so we go through childbirth together, through relationships. I’m not necessarily their confidant, but I’m always there, and I go through their life with them. , whether I see them once every 10 days, or twice a year. The relationship continues.

“In this digital world, how people should look is largely dictated by social media. The influence is everywhere. Having a good hairstyle, or having it colored a particular color, has nothing to do with looking younger; I’ve had clients with brown hair who want to start showing gray, they want to embrace it.

“I usually find that people want to do something drastic when they don’t feel safe or when there’s a big change in their life. Even the smallest, most subtle of changes can really help someone feel empowered. And coloring their hair can make them feel like a completely different person. It’s a beautiful thing to see, this transformation.

“That said, every hairdresser has a disaster story. I was once working with someone who was brunette and wanted to go blonde. We went through a very thorough consultation and skin test, all the pre-work necessary to make sure we got the best result. But she had forgotten to tell me that a year earlier she had put henna on her hair. Now, henna is something you can’t bleach. So off I went, coloring her hair in blissful ignorance, and she ended up with something that looked like a quilt on her head. Was she happy? No she was not.

“That said, you can salvage almost anything. Even if you cut someone’s hair very short when they only asked for a bob, there is something to be done. You can’t paste it, of course, but you can search for extensions. There is always a way to refine.

“Today’s world is a constant challenge to satisfy people’s needs and wants. Hair is a very important medium, as it should be, because hair is something you walk around with every day. If you’re wearing a red sweater and someone tells you it doesn’t fit, you change your sweater.

“But your hair is still there, so it makes sense that you try to be as comfortable with it as possible. And so if you’re playing, say, tournament football, and you want to feel good , you want to look your best, so of course you should go see the stylist you trust the most, even if, yes, you had to fly that stylist halfway around the world to do it. are high stakes things.


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