Hype’s picks among the top 10 beauty trends of 2022!

As the year draws to a close, now is the time to look back at some of the biggest trends to emerge in 2022, especially beauty trends. We’re talking makeup, hair, and even nail crazes that have popped up and been welcomed onto the beauty scene. With all the beauty trends sprouting up throughout 2022, we’ve picked our 10 biggest fads — and it’s all thanks to MakeupTok.

It’s never too late to follow a trend, so if you see something you like, give it a try ASAP!

glass skin


Because 2022 is all about “less is more,” piling up makeup is so 2019. Minimalism is this year’s IT fashion trend, and it’s moving into makeup too. The beauty community loves the “no-makeup-no-makeup” look as a brilliant way to highlight natural features. The glass skin trend has been making waves on the beauty scene, with many makeup enthusiasts wanting to achieve a healthy, flawless glow with as little product as possible. However, with less makeup, the main focus should be on establishing a proper and thorough skincare routine. Fresh, glowing skin is the biggest trend of the year.


my basic “glass skin” routine 🙂

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mermaid eyes


With so many eye makeup looks on TikTok, the one that definitely stood out in 2022 is “Siren Eyes.” This look, like last year’s fox eye trend, elevates the previous look by making your peepers look sultry and sexier. This look should be simple to pull off, but practice definitely makes perfect. With precise hands, good eyeliner, and excellent blending skills, you should be able to achieve the “Siren Eyes” look in minutes.


Kill gray everyday #asianeyemakeup #makeuptutorial #eyemakeuptutorial #sireneyemakeup #ReadyForHell #fypシ

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eye gems


This year, Euphoria returned for its second season, which meant gems, gems, and more gems! Putting rhinestones all over your eyes was a huge trend in 2019, and it resurfaced this year after Euphoria started airing and featured a variety of looks with gemstones. The eye gem trend has been adored and fully embraced by the beauty community, from makeup enthusiasts to A-list celebrities attending the Met Gala. It’s also a great way to elevate any plain look by scattering rhinestones where you want them.


nothing a little gem can’t fix ✨ which one is your favorite? I kinda like bedazzled moles 🤭 #rhinestonemakeup #makeupideas #makeupinspo #rhinestoneeyes


Anime Eyelashes


Looking like the main character of a dope anime series is every anime lover’s dream, so it’s only natural that one looks the part. One feature that stands out in an anime character – besides her hair – is definitely her eyes, especially her eyelashes. This is the perfect lash look to accentuate your peepers and make them look more doll-like. You can definitely get the anime eyelashes you want by visiting your local eyelash technician, or simply doing your own using false eyelashes.


Idk if I love them or hate them on me :)) #mangalashes #animelashes #lashes #makeup



Burnt Blush


Who said you can’t wear too much blush? This year’s blush trend says otherwise! Although a thicker blush can make your face look older and droopier, with the right placement on your cheeks, the thicker the better. Applying blush to the highest point of your cheeks and down to the temples will draw your face up, giving it a SNATCHED look. Plus, rinsing your cheeks with a highly pigmented blush makes your face look younger and softer.


if i were to be stranded on an island and had to bring makeup it would be blush #fypシ #foryou #blushtrend #blushhack #makeuphacks #tutorials #makeuptutorial

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Douyin Makeup


On Chinese TikTok, “Douyin Makeup” is booming, with so many celebrities and influencers jumping on the trend to recreate it. The trend is so popular that it is even spreading in the west, and we have to admit, it’s just too cute! The makeup is light, fun and flirty, not to mention glittery – who wouldn’t fall head over heels in love with this makeup. The ‘Douyin Makeup’ look is achievable by anyone, but it does take some practice as it involves a few techniques to achieve that doll eye shape.


Recreate this cute look! #transformation #makeup #douyinmakeup #douyin #transformation

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wolf cup


We can’t talk about beauty trends without talking about hair, people. The “Wolf Cut” is this year’s biggest hair trend, and with good reason. The ‘Wolf Cut’, a hybrid of a shag cut and a mullet, is the IT hair trend of 2022 that pretty much everyone is wearing. It is versatile, bulky and requires little to no maintenance. You don’t even have to blow dry them, because air drying will make your hair fluffy and bouncy, just like blow-drying. Just tell your barber you want a “Wolf Cut” and he’ll know exactly what to do.

octopus cut


Another big hair trend in 2022 is the ‘Octopus Cut’, which we know has some of you scratching your head thinking, “What part of the cut looks like an octopus?”. An ‘Octopus Cut’ is similar to a mullet, but it has more body and volume on the crown of your head (an octopus head) and narrower, shag-like layers from the middle of the shaft to the ends (its tentacles). The shape of the marine animal is much more visible from behind. This hairstyle, like the ‘Wolf Cut’, is low maintenance, and if you prefer longer hair, try the ‘Octopus Cut’.

glazed donut nails


Hailey Bieber, one of the IT girls of this generation, changed the beauty zeitgeist when she posted a mirror selfie on Instagram. When they saw her shiny nails against her black iPhone, the beauty community went crazy. The translucent nails, dubbed the “Glazed Donut Nails” by Hailey, have an iridescent change that sets them apart from the rest. It looks great on coffin, stiletto or even almond nails and is suitable for any occasion.

blusher nails


Another trend that will look absolutely stunning on your nails is the ‘Blush Nail’ trend. As the name suggests, the “Blush Nail” trend makes your nails look like they’re flushed with your favorite shade of blush. It’s soft, pretty and seductive, and it looks great on any nail shape. You don’t have to be an expert to recreate this look either. all you need is light pink nail polish and pink colored blush or eyeshadow. Creating the gradient should be fairly simple with the right brush and with a shiny top coat you have your ‘Blush Nail’ trend.


blush nail tutorial („• ᴗ •„) #blushnails #koreannails #koreannailart #nailinspo #chanel #nails

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Here’s to you guys! Our pick of the biggest beauty trends of 2022 – from makeup to nails. Let us know which beauty trend you’re going to try before the end of the year!

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