Huge support for Argentina in Kerala ahead of World Cup final

One sports a long beard in Argentinian colors and the other a hairstyle with the drawing of the World Cup trophy on the back of his head, this is how two fans, from the Kollam district in Kerala, of the South American team have prepared to support their upcoming team. of the final on Sunday evening.

This is just one example of the football craze and support for South American teams like Argentina and Brazil that was seen in Kerala during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar from November 20 until to today’s final.

Sunny, a rickshaw driver in Kundra district of Kollam, has colored his long beard in the colors of his favorite team and also styled his hair with a blue ‘M’ on the back indicating his support for Lionel Messi .

He told the media that his beard was noticed by the owner of a beauty salon who offered to have it colored Argentina’s striped blue.

His friend Rao ji, also an Argentine fan, styled his hair with the World Cup trophy in yellow drawn on the back of his head.

Sunny said that everyone notices his new beard and the students at night come to take selfies with him.

”At home, my children love it. However, my wife said she wouldn’t date me because she was embarrassed and asked me to take it off after the final,” he said.

Rao ji said confidently that Argentina would lift the cup this year and if not, he would shave his head and Sunny said he would completely remove his beard if the South American team lost in the final.

Meanwhile, the young girl from Malappuram district in Kerala who shouted at Brazilian fans after being teased over defeating her favorite team Argentina in their first match – a video of which has gone viral – has said to a TV station that she and her friend will pop more firecrackers than anyone if the South American team wins.

Not only the general public, but politicians and actors have also said they are eager to see the outcome of the World Cup final.

CPI(M) leaders like MB Rajesh, who is also Minister of State for the Department of Local Self-Government, and MM Mani hoped that Argentina would win the cup this year.

Argentina fan Rajesh said he had never been more tense when counting votes in the four elections he contested than he was today ahead of the final game.

He said France were a solid team on paper, but Argentina were no longer the team that arrived in Qatar at the start of the tournament.

Winning the cup would be a big achievement for Messi and his career, he said.

Mani also expects Messi to lift the cup with his team.

“The loss in the first game gave them the boost they needed to go forward,” he said. Actor-cum-Kollam MLA Mukesh, told a scribe that although he is a fan of Brazil, since his favorite team did not reach the final, he wanted Argentina to win as he was a fan of Messi . Superstar Mohanlal, who is in Qatar to watch the final, said he doesn’t have a favorite team as such but is excited to see who will win.

“May the best team win,” he told the media.

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