How to Make Hair Thicker: ‘Top Secret Stylist Tips and Bargains for Thicker, Fuller Hair’

From styling to products I love, everyone wants thicker, fuller hair! See my top tips and secret bargains for getting the most out of your locks.

Seven “secrets” for thicker hair

1. The right products

For many of us, products will be our best friend when it comes to getting thicker hair. Nothing enhances and amplifies your hair like ColorWow Xtra Large. Known for their innovative products, ColorWow really delivers with this latest bombshell addition to their lineup. The lightweight, mousse-like substance can be used on wet or dry hair and, when heat activated, will amp up your hair strands to look twice as thick.

The great thing about this product is that it’s free of alcohol and nasty resins found in other volumizing styling aids that typically dry out our hair to look fuller. Instead, this foamy formula provides extra heat protection! In fact, I use it on everyone because no matter your hair type, everyone wants to look like their hair is fuller and thicker – it’s a must have!

2. The right hairspray

Once we’ve made the effort with our wet styling aids, a best friend in the hair drawer for all of us will be the Tweak’d By Nature 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumising Spray, £23, for use on dry hair. Typically, when we’re happy with our hairstyles, many of us grab the spray can of hairspray and dip our style in to lock it in place. In fact, inside these boxes is moist moisture that we happily coat our hair in.

To avoid this, use a drier texturizing spray that won’t drown out our pretty styles and will instead be a support system to make it last all day and night. The tweaking spray is fabulous for this, as the dry volumizing spray gives fine, limp, lifeless hair tons of volume without the back combing, not only making it fuller but thicker too.

3. Make your hair last longer

For me, sometimes second or third day hair actually has the grit I need to make it feel and look thicker. To maintain that momentum and get the most out of your hair, try the Batiste Overnight Spray, £4.25, to help keep strands looking fresh between washes. Sleeping on our styles can flatten them, so wake up your style in the morning with a spritz of this Batiste dry shampoo. It’s a great way to keep styling to a minimum. The less it heats up, the less breakage, the thicker our hair will be!

4. Try this magic spray

For us ladies, who aren’t blessed with such thick hair, there are some nifty disguise sprays we can use to give the illusion of thicker locks. Generally, finer hair will be less dense, which means that the scalp is visible through the hair. Where the scalp is normally lighter than our hair color, it is often visible and amplifies the appearance of fine hair.

To conceal this, L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Concealer Spray, £4.50, is perfect for a quick fix. These will color the scalp, giving you matte coverage. This will give the illusion that the hair is thicker and fuller. These are must haves in my bag as they conceal all the unwanted sparse areas!

5. Avoid over-bleaching

New year, new you, new hair?! Often the new year will inspire us to change our look and become a better version of ourselves. While I want you all to look your best, try to avoid bleaching your hair too much! Besides the obvious fact that over-bleaching causes breakage, having lighter hair will make it appear thinner and more transparent.

While we think bleaching our locks will make them thicker and improve texture, it will actually make them weaker and more transparent. The best way to add color is with highlights, as opposed to block color all over. We’ve seen it become a must-have trend over the past few years, and adding a balayage to our hair will help add definition and give the illusion that our hair has more depth and ultimately , seem thicker.

6. Add movement to your hair

Have you ever felt like the salon always makes your hair thicker? To make your hair look salon thick at home, try adding movement to your hair in some form. From a curl to a beachy wave, adding movement to our locks will give the appearance of thicker hair.

The best way to achieve thickness is to wave your hair in alternate directions to achieve that thicker beach look. To do this, first curl your hair starting from your face and then bringing it together while keeping the ends straight. This type of wave will never go out of style and the more “undone” the better – so you really can’t go wrong!

For nervous people, try this technique with the heater turned off. This will help you master the technique without burning yourself out. Here are my favorite tools:

7. Pretend!

For the more advanced hairstylists among us, using clips will give you instant fullness. Clips don’t have to be scary. They’re for all ages and a little secret between us…most of your favorite TV personalities wear them, no matter what age!

Milk and Blush are up to 35% off for 2023 and Gee Hair has volumizing clips from £33 that add instant thickness. Sometimes all it takes is a little something totally understated to add a bit of thickness! These are great because they have no commitment, get them in, get them out.

For a more drastic look, Lullabellz offers a synthetic range. Modeled by Tasha from Love Island – Lullabellz offers bouncy clip-in blow-drys and also 30-inch ponytails to make sure everyone’s covered. For £18 you can have a bouncy clip-in blow-dry that never loses its bounce, with Think 16″ 1 Piece Clip-In Curly Hair Extensions.

They are perfect for instant results with no commitment or damage… and effortless! Clip it and go!

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