How to Get the Perfect Breezy Look for a Spring Wedding

The arrival of spring means trees in bloom, birds chirping a little too early, and (of course) the start of wedding season. According to The Knot, 80% of couples get married between the months of May and October, making those six months the peak time to officially exchange vows. As event planner Jove Meyer tells Brides, “Spring is when all the flowers start to appear and design a wedding that showed that growth would be so beautiful.” Given the temperate weather and cool flora, outdoor weddings are particularly scenic during this season, although they are still location dependent. “For weddings in the Pacific Northwest — think Seattle and Portland — expect more rain than sun for much of the spring,” says Here Comes The Guide Creative Director Jenna Miller, to Martha Stewart. In contrast, April and May weddings in the south and southwest are ideal for getting ahead of the summer heat.

When planning your breezy spring weddings, it’s important to keep the weather and location in mind. Depending on location, you may encounter fresh mud or, if the sun is acting as expected, a generous helping of seasonal colors. Start wedding season off right with a wardrobe that makes you confident, comfortable and (perhaps most importantly) ready to dance – remember, no white!

Celebrate the season with floral designs

“Spring represents joy and love,” Ranu Coleman, Azazie’s chief marketing officer, tells Wedding Wire, adding that “it’s all about flowers and shades of red, pink, blue, purple and green.” Shelley Brown of The Knot agrees: “There’s no better time than a spring wedding to wear a romantic floral dress. Go bold with bright, oversized florals or more subtle with pastel colored micro prints, you can’t go wrong either way. For inspiration, take a look at this short-sleeve floral midi from Reformation. It’s available in everything from bold patterns to the aforementioned “micro-prints,” take your pick.

Consider your wallet and praise this season’s cuts

Rent the Runway is one of the best clothing rental sites out there. How it works? While the service lets you experience one-time rentals – which let you keep your chosen items for up to 8 days – you can also sign up for monthly subscription plans. All items arrive promptly, dry cleaned or with back-up sizes in case something doesn’t fit. For example, borrow this black satin Vince dress for a one-time fee of just $70, a fraction of the original price of $425. If you want to try designer fashion but don’t have a red carpet budget, this is the platform for you.

Go bold with a color block dress

According to Byrdie, color block fashion became popular in the 1970s under the leadership of famed designer Stephen Burrows. This era of fashion – much like the abstract paintings of Piet Mondrian in the 1920s and 1930s – was all about pairing blocks of solid, bold colors. Why stick to one shade of fabric when you can have many? Although 1st Dibs rates Stephen Burrows’ original designs in the thousands, his influence is also felt in everything from this hot pink and orange design by Windsor to the camel and lilac cut by Asos.

Stand out with creative cutouts

Show off your figure in a bodycon midi

According to The Knot, midi dresses are the perfect mid-length. As fashion and beauty editor Shelley Brown says, “This versatile silhouette gives you the best of both worlds: it’s more flirty than a traditional maxi dress, but more formal than a mini dress.” Speaking of silhouettes, a bodycon midi — like this pistachio design from Reformation — will help yours stand out this spring wedding season. For a little more flirtation, choose a midi with a slit. Check out this Camila Coelho midi dress with button details and a hint of leg.

Power poses in a jumpsuit

“No dress? No problem,” fashion and beauty editor Shelley Brown told The Knot. “A tailored jumpsuit is formal enough to work even with a black-tie dress code, but comfortable enough to let you rip it on the dance floor.” For starters, check out this structured sleeveless suit from Boohoo. Or, if you’re a “Fleabag” fanatic, Lulus is selling a Phoebe Waller-Bridge inspired jumpsuit for under $60. Pair it with sparkling jewelry and heels for a formal effect or, if you’re planning on grass or wood plank flooring, platform sandals.

You can’t go wrong with all black

As Azazie Marketing Director Ranu Coleman tells Wedding Wire, “Black can be worn to a formal wedding even if it’s in the spring.” Especially for late night venues, black makes the perfect base, and best of all, it doesn’t show sweat or gravy stains. If the invite calls for cocktail attire, accessorize your Coco Chanel-inspired little black dress (aka “LBD”) with jewelry, a clutch, and heels. If the RSVP categorizes the dress code as black or white tie, opt for a black maxi dress like this backless design from Reformation.

Silk can adapt to any dress code

Silk is adaptable, says The Knot. Depending on the cut of the dress, it can be worn up or down to meet formality requirements. For example, go bold with this floral midi from ASTR The Label. It’s available in nine distinct hues, from springtime pastels to winter-worthy teal. You can also pair this silk halter top from Banana Republic with open-toe sandals for a fresh spring look. Keep in mind, however, that water and silk don’t mix. As SuitShop co-founder Jeanne Foley explains to Wedding Wire, “Perhaps more important in the spring than any other season, it’s a good idea to keep watching the weather, especially since most spring weddings include outdoor elements.” With that in mind, incorporate a stylish cover to your fit or (at the very least) hope for a covered tent.

You make yourself in a tailored suit

Not everyone is a fan of dresses. As New Jersey wedding planner Alicia Mae tells Brides, “An essential piece of advice is to know yourself as a guest. As the saying goes, ‘If you look good, you feel good!’ If that means forgoing a skirt in favor of pants, go for it! For a little pizzazz, check out this floral costume set from Banana Republic. Add height with heels or, alternatively, a pair of formal loafers. For a simple yet elegant aesthetic, opt for a tailored black blazer like this piece from J. Crew and matching black dress pants.

Keep it casual in a chiffon midi

According to Wedding Wire, spring ceremonies generally require a little less formality, although it’s always best to check your invitation for guidance. When in doubt, chiffon is the perfect semi-formal spring fabric; it’s lightweight and sheer, making it an ideal airy fit. For inspiration, look at this sky blue chiffon midi tea dress from Asos. It offers equal amounts of class and comfort, and you can dress it up with platform sandals or pair it with strappy heels for more chic venues.

Use accessories to dress her up

SuitShop co-founder Jeanne Foley tells Wedding Wire that it’s important to understand the dress code before choosing your cut. “A great way to determine the dress code — without asking the couple — is to check the wedding venue,” she advises. If you’re in a rush before a black-tie occasion, dress up a semi-formal look with accessories; think jeweled handbags, high heels and sparkling earrings. Lands’ End notes that makeup like a red lip can also make a casual outfit more formal.

Don’t shy away from the texture

As fashion and beauty editor Shelley Brown explains to The Knot, “Weddings are back, and so are maximalist trends like ruffles,” adding, “This romantic detail adds an edgy edge to even the most basic silhouette. .” However, be careful not to distract the bride’s attention. For example, this light pink dress from Asos has the perfect amount of ruffled and chiffon texture, perfect for a breezy outdoor venue. Otherwise, check out this tiered maxi from Lulus – pair it with heels, and you’re ready for anything from semi-formal to black tie.

Keep them guessing with asymmetrical cuts

“With the weather warming up,” said Lanie List, founder of Lovely Bride, “it’s the perfect time to wear bright colors, modern cutouts, or unexpected details like a cowl neck or an asymmetrical hemline.” Speaking of asymmetric hemlines, shop this cowl neck midi from Urban Outfitters. Otherwise, admire the elegant asymmetry of this Lulus asymmetrical dress. As advised by celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel, balance out the one-shoulder neckline with a side-swept pony or a sleek, off-center bun (via Byrdie).

Try a two-piece skirt set

Matching sets have quickly taken over summer 2022. From loungewear to ’60s-inspired minis, two-pieces are just as versatile as they are trendy. While Vogue recommends wearing a formal two-piece for the holiday season, you can also opt for a matching top and fluffy skirt this spring wedding season. Ideal for an outdoor ceremony, this green Asos set can be reused long after the “i-dos” are over. Simply re-wear the shirt and skirt separately to create a range of unique outfits (formal and informal).

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