How to create and send WhatsApp avatars

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WhatsApp chats, or conversations in general, become more fun when you incorporate emoticons and stickers. WhatsApp already offers the possibility of sending stickers in chats on its messaging platform. But now you can create and send avatars in WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp recently added the ability to create digital avatars of yourself and share them as stickers, a feature already available on Facebook and Instagram. So, if you like the concept of Bitmojis and Memojis, let’s learn how you can create a similar Avatar on WhatsApp.

How to create a WhatsApp avatar (2022)

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can easily create your own WhatsApp avatars, send them to people as stickers, and even set them as your profile picture. Before that, let’s take a look at what the Avatars feature is in WhatsApp.

What is a Whatsapp avatar?

WhatsApp avatars are digital animated versions of yourself, much like Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji. The messaging giant offers you the opportunity to create a personal avatar that looks like you as much as possible. You can create your own avatar by adding several elements such as hairstyle, clothes, facial expressions, accessories and much more. Also, in an official blog post, WhatsApp says it will soon add new styling enhancements including lighting, shading, hairstyle textures and more.

This is similar to how you can create avatars on Instagram and Facebook, which was recently introduced by Meta. However, these cannot be used interchangeably across the three social media platforms under the Meta umbrella. You also have to design each avatar individually, which is a laborious task, so all your avatars can look different on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Maybe Meta will add interoperability support in the future!

How to Create a WhatsApp Avatar (Step by Step Guide)

Avatars on WhatsApp are now available for Android and iPhone users. You just need to make sure your WhatsApp app is updated to follow the steps to create an avatar on the app.

To note: We tested this feature on WhatsApp version # on Android and version # on iOS. We used an iPhone to show the steps for creating an avatar in this tutorial, but they’re pretty similar on Android.

Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings” in the bottom navigation bar. Then tap on the “Avatar” option under your name.

You will now find the “Create your avatar” option on the next page. Tap on it and a page with information about WhatsApp avatars will then appear on your screen. Here click on the “Start” option to start creating avatars.

First comes the skin color option. Choose the one that matches yours and press the “Next” button at the bottom.

Then you will see tons of options to customize your avatar. You can choose different style enhancement options like clothes, body type, eye shape/color/makeup, eyebrow shape/color and more. You can even change nose shape, mouth and lip color, face shape/marks/lines, face hair and color, earrings and more.

You can choose the options that best suit your personality. If you’re not sure which customization option to choose, you can tap the mirror icon (located on the right side of your avatar) to see yourself while creating your avatar.

When you are satisfied, tap on the “Done” option in the upper right corner to save the changes.

Your WhatsApp avatar will be updated and you are done. Then click “Next” to return to the Avatar section of the application.

Note: You can go back to Settings -> Avatar to change your avatar at any time if you need to change anything. Just tap on the Edit Avatar option to make the changes.

How to share your avatar in WhatsApp chats

Once you have created your WhatsApp avatar, you can easily send them to people as stickers. There are two ways to go about it, and they work wonders.

First, open a WhatsApp chat and tap the “sticker” icon on your iPhone’s text bar. As for Android users, you need to tap the emoji icon in the text field.

You will now see a WhatsApp Avatar icon at the bottom, next to the GIF and sticker options. Tap the Avatar icon.

You will now see multiple WhatsApp Avatar stickers based on emotions like love, sadness, anger and more. Choose your sentiment and send the sticker you like. WhatsApp says it creates over 36 stickers based on your Avatar.

Another way to send WhatsApp avatars is to go to the “Settings -> Avatars” section. Then select the “Browse Stickers” option and select the one you want to send.

Then select the “Forward” icon in the upper right corner to send the avatar sticker to the desired chat.

How to create a WhatsApp avatar for your profile picture

Apart from sending avatar stickers to people for a fun chat, you can also set your WhatsApp avatar as your profile picture. Follow these steps to learn how it works:

Go to WhatsApp settings and select the “Avatar” option again.

Here, you just need to tap on the “Create Profile Picture” option.

You can now choose the avatar pose you want, change the background color, and tap “Done” when you’re ready to update your profile picture on WhatsApp. And finally, your WhatsApp avatar is now your profile picture!

How to delete your WhatsApp avatar

If you are done creating and sharing your avatar on WhatsApp, you can also choose to delete it. To do this, follow the steps below:

First go tosettings -> Avatar” I WhatsApp


Then tap on the “Delete avatar” option. You will then see an on-screen prompt asking for confirmation. Press the “Delete” button again to permanently delete your WhatsApp avatar.

WhatsApp avatars: everything you need to know

Are WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook avatars interchangeable?

No you can not. While Meta has added avatars to its three social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, your avatar will look different on each of them. You must create and customize your Avatar on each platform individually. So you cannot use your Instagram avatar on WhatsApp, WhatsApp avatars on Facebook, etc.

Can you send and create WhatsApp avatars on the web?

No, WhatsApp avatars are currently only available on Android and iOS devices. You cannot create your avatar using the WhatsApp web application. Where can you use WhatsApp avatars? WhatsApp avatars can be used in individual and group chats and even used as display images.

Create avatar stickers in WhatsApp chats

This is a comprehensive guide you can follow to create and send WhatsApp avatars to make conversations more personal and fun. After all, WhatsApp is a messaging platform used by over 2 billion people to have most of their conversations! If you decide to create your Avatar, let us know about your experience and if it’s better than Snapchat Bitmojis or Apple Memojis. In the meantime, also check out our guide on how to message yourself on WhatsApp, a newly launched and useful feature.


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