How to Create and Customize Avatars in WhatsApp

The fact that WhatsApp Go incorporate newsIt is always a very relevant news, since it is directly proportional to the massive use of this messaging application.

But it is also true that of enormous importance there is always another addition that attracts users more than others.

And it is that after the arrival of WhatsApp communities, it is now the turn of personalized avatars, something that took time in beta versions, but which has already reached the whole world.

This is the time when we can create one that looks like us, so that it can be our new addition. We show you how you can achieve this.

Create an avatar in WhatsApp

Before starting to create our avatar, it is better to update the application to the latest version, so you must go to the Play Store in the case of Android or to the App Store in the case of iOS , to see if it allows us to update or we have the latest of the latest on WhatsApp.

Once we have the app updated, we need to do the following to create our avatar:

We enter WhatsApp and we go to settingsthen click on AvatarAt this time we will see how the option appears create an avatar. You have to click on To start.Create a WhatsApp avatarAt this time, we choose the tone of our skin. Then it takes us to a screen where we will have different types of hairstyle and we will have to select the one that most resembles the one we normally wear. We can also choose the color. Now we click on it buttons above hairstyle optionsto see that we can select the clothes, then the body, then the eyes with their respective color and if we want to make up, the eyebrows, the nose, the mouth, the shape of the face, the facial hair, the rings or the ear piercings, glasses and even head accessories. We have a mirror-shaped button at the top right, to press and open the front camera to customize the avatar as similar to ourselves.Create a WhatsApp avatarWhen we’re done, click List then validate by clicking on Save changes.Then click Following and we see how it takes us to the Avatar screen, where we can modify it, search for stickers, create the profile picture or delete it if we don’t like it.Create a WhatsApp avatar

How to use the avatar

When we have created it, we will be able to share it in any WhatsApp chat or conversation by simply clicking on the emoji icon.

When we write and want to use it, we just have to make sure that next to where we get the stickers we have another optionwhere we are going to find the personalized emojis with the avatar we have created.

We have broken them down into categories such as Everything, Love, Happy, Sad, Anger, Reaction and Lifestyle.

send whatsapp avatar

Depending on the one we enter, it will be our emoji avatar and just by pressing it we will send it by chat to the person or people with whom we are talking.

In addition, we will also be able to use our avatar as a profile picture for our WhatsApp.

To achieve this, simply return to the WhatsApp Settings. click on Avatar and now give where it says create a profile picture.After we select which emoji of our avatar, we want it to appear on the profile picture. Once chosen, all you have to do is select the background we want and click OK (top right). We will now see how said emoji of our avatar has automatically become our profile picture.whatsapp avatar profile

Now you know exactly how to create and use the new WhatsApp Avatar feature.

From now on, emojis will look a lot like you, which will make everything more personal and fun in WhatsApp communications.

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