How to Create a Sleek Low Ponytail

Start by preparing the hair

“Like any hairstyle, you need to do a little prep first. For the ponytail to look neat, it needs to look healthy, shiny and strong. Start with a mousse, concentrate it around the root of the hair. hair to tame flyaways, then use a tail comb to ensure you have a clean parting.If you have time, blow-dry hair to a smoother finish. – hairstylist and creative artist Patrick Wilson

“The products you use before a blow-dry are also essential as they will hold your style in place, so be sure to work well into any mousses or balms to moisten the hair – the heat from your dryer will set it in place and will hold any hairstyle longer. Color Wow’s Dream Coat is ideal. It protects the hair, minimizes frizz and leaves it with a glass-like finish. It makes the hair more manageable too, so it’s easier to work. – hairdresser Hollie Rose Clarke

Use a good brush

“When it comes to brushing the hair into the ponytail, you need one with soft bristles – one from Mason Pearson would be my first choice. Once the hair is in place, secure it to the using a rubber band, like the ones from Kitsch that never snag and are clear so you can’t see them. Failing that, a rubber band is another great option if you want a firm, no-slip hold. Once you have everything secured, finish with a pomade — like Ouai’s — and use a little to smooth any flyaways down and back. –Holly

“Keep tension with your brush and your hands when securing the ponytail. This is especially true if you want that clean, sleek look. If you lose tension with your brush, the ponytail will become loose and you will have to do it again. –Patrick

Configure a mirror

“Before you start, I recommend setting up a mirror behind you so you can check the back and sides of your head. Do not tilt your head down when gathering your hair into position, because when you come back upright, the base of the pony will be loose.Try to do this while looking straight into a mirror. –Patrick

Pin your position

“It all depends on the length and texture of your hair, but it’s best to tie your ponytail at the nape of your neck – it’s a very flattering and always stylish position. Then use a toothbrush to tame the baby hairs and keep the surface smooth Work with flexible hairspray for non-sticky hold – I note Sam McKnight’s Modern Hairspray. –Patrick

Add extra texture

“You can either wrap another band around the rubber band or elastic – one that’s more accessorized – or take a small piece of your hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of your pony. Fix it with a handle under it so that it is not visible. It’s a simple trick but nicely enhances the look. –Patrick

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