How much should you tip on vacation?

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) — Many of us are spending less this holiday season. Inflation, worries about layoffs and a potential recession have one in six Americans skipping all the freebies. But when it comes to holiday advice, 2022 isn’t shaping up to be a year to skip — so much as a year to change.

“We are in a different time and space and everyone is going through it with everyone else. so do what you can and do it with your heart,” said etiquette expert Valerie Sokolosky.

Holiday tipping is a sensitive issue fraught with confusion: Who should I tip? How many? Money or a gift? A Bankrate survey shows more Americans plan to tip regular service workers this year – but they are reducing the amount to match a slimmer budget.

For example, 56% plan to tip housekeepers this year, up from 47% last year. The catch is that they plan to give ten dollars less. The survey shows that daycare workers could feel the biggest pinch, with Americans planning to give them half the amount compared to last year.

No matter how much you have to give, says Sokolosky, don’t stress or feel guilty.

Now that so many businesses ask you about tipping on a screen, or even pre-set a tip, right at the point of service, many of us feel pressured to tip at every turn. This so-called “tipflation” leads to tipping fatigue.

“It almost gets irritating for most people I talk to, when you go to checkout, and they’re right there. It’s like, what are you gonna do? said Sokolosky.

She recommends using the “custom” option and leaving whatever you feel is appropriate. The same idea goes for workers you see regularly.

“Think first of the people who serve you regularly,” Sokolosky said.

For those folks, here’s what others are planning to give away this year, from Bankrate.

*Housekeeper: $40






These are just *medians. has a list of suggested tips. The traditional year-end tip for someone like a dog groomer or hairdresser is the cost of a service. But these days are anything but traditional! You may prefer to give a gift or gift card, or perhaps a group gift, rather than cash, especially when dealing with teachers – or postal workers, who, as you may have heard, cannot accept cash or gift cards.

“You do what you can do, and if it’s not appreciated, it’s on them. Don’t take that monkey on your shoulders,” Sokolosky said, “Just make it what it should be: an appreciation for service.”

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